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2021 - 22 200 ryt Foundational Yoga Teacher Training & Student Immersion Resource Page

This page is provided to help you easily access the resources for our 2021-22 200 ryt training & immersion course. 

Shine's Teacher Training is a comprehensive and compassionate program to move through. We feel that our teacher's experiences are the best barometer for the quality of the program. Feel free to click here and take some time to read our reviews and shoot an email to if you have any questions or concerns!

Click on link below to download your application now!  Please mail, drop-off , or submit by email to 


In addition to submitting your application, you will be asked to come in to Shine for a face to face meeting before approval. In many instances a visit to one of our Open Houses may suffice for your face to face. Once you are approved, we will give you directions to make your payments and official registration. We are looking forward to another great year of education and transformation through Yoga!


Shine's Yoga Teacher Training, Mentoring,

& Immersion Studies 

**Please download and submit application (link above).

Return application to Shine Yoga Center for approval process. You can drop it off, mail it, or email to Shine Yoga Center ~ 3330 Erie Ave. Suite 15 ~ Cincinnati, OH 45208 ~



Once approved feel free to take advantage of our vaious payment options listed below.

You may view and pay teacher training registration fees below.

Shine's Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Program will qualify teachers to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. We are happy to offer the program to help you learn more about the practice of Yoga as well as to teach in a way that empowers, uplifts, and creates an environment for optimal health and well-being for yourself and for all students and practitioners.
Our 200-hour foundational teacher training will supply you with inspiration and knowledge-based skills to bolster confidence in sharing the gift of Yoga.

Our 200 RYT Training Program will begin on March 16, 2018. The training course will finish December 9, 2018. After completion of the course, trainees will be required to complete a practicum of teaching and assisting several classes to quality for graduation of the course. 


Portions of the training will be open to students and current teachers as Immersion Studies and will create an opportunity to dive deeper into many aspects of the yoga practice, including alignment, anatomy, philosophy, yogic lifestyle, and more. Education Credits are available for teachers.


Shine’s Yoga teacher training is unique in that it offers a universal philosophical approach to help you develop your own unique and empowering style of teaching Yoga. There is a strong focus on alignment, anatomy, and body mechanics to support optimal health and well being for all practitioners in both Yoga practice and real-life applications. Highlights of our training include:


Shine Yoga’s 200 Hour Foundational Teacher Training Course focuses on:

  • Introduction to Yogic philosophy from a universal perspective and an overview of variations of Yoga within the large field of modern-day Yoga Practice. This approach gives you a broad base of experience and gives you many avenues to develop a teaching style that is most fulfilling for you and your unique personality.

  • Overview of physical and energetic alignment, anatomy, and healthy bio-mechanics in form and function. Optimal alignment is applied in asana, vinyasa, therapeutic exercise, and in practical applications for everyday healthy living.

  • Intelligent sequencing and helpful assisting techniques

  • Injury prevention and overview of benefit/risk of posturing and sequencing with modifications for various populations

  • Introduction to various forms of meditation, breath-work, relaxation, restoration, therapeutic, and devotional practices

  • Inspiration to develop with confidence your unique voice as a teacher for personal empowerment and spiritual fulfillment

  • And lots more!!!



*Applicants must complete the teacher training application, demonstrate a basic understanding of the core postures and principles of Hatha Yoga, and meet with a primary teacher before being accepted into this teacher training program.
A $500 non-refundable deposit is due on approval to hold your spot in the program.


Pricing Options:

Early Bird - $2750 ($500 deposit* due upon acceptance + $2250 due by February 14th.


Pay in full at start - $3000 ($500 deposit due upon accecptance + $2500 by March 10th.


Pay as you go program:

$500 deposit due upon acceptance + 6 additional $500 monthly payments

Monthly payments are due: 1st of each month of $3500


* Materials deposit is non-refundable.


Shine requires a minimum and maximum number for our trainings. We reserve the right to cancel the program and return refunds if the minimum is not met. We also guarantee and excellent student to teacher ratio for your best experience.


Our 2018 program is led by Rob Dorgan and assited by Erin Trentel & Kate Noble. 

Required Reading List

The world is full of great Yoga books. Here is the short list of REQUIRED books for Shine's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. You are responsible for attaining these books which can all be found through as well as other outlets. You do not need to read ahead - assignments will be given throughout the training.


Light on Yoga

by: BKS Iyengar


The Deeper Dimension of Yoga

by: Georg Feurnstein

(you are only req. to read part 1 of this book for our yoga philosophy discussions)


any copy of: The Yoga Sutras 

any copy of: The Bhagavad Gita


The Key Muscles of Yoga

by: Ray Long, MD, FRCSC


Training Schedule 2018


Weekend hours are unless otherwise noted: 
Fridays 6:00 - 9:00 pm / Sat. 9:30 - 6 / Sun. 9 - 4

*Sunday sessions are held offsite at The Kula Center located at  110 E. 8th Street, Newport, KY 41071


March 16th - 18th (short day 17th, 1:30 - 6:00 PM )

April 6th - 8th

April 27th - 29th

May 18th - 20th

June 15th - 16th ( no class on Father's Day )

July 6th - 8th

August 17th - 19th

September 14th - Friday Only

October 5th - Friday Only

October 19th - 21st

November 9th - 11th

December 7th - 9th

w11 - January 11–13


*Trainees may have the opportunity to teach our community classes. More details to come + ending celebration TBD.


Notes about our schedule:

The program consists of 11 weekends of core content. The material offered in the core weekends is mandatory for you to receive your RYT and will require make-up work with an extra charge if missed. In general make-up sessions are $25 for first hour/ $15 for each subsequent hour in that session. Shine will work with students to make up work in the timeliest and most cost effective way for all!  To fulfill Yoga Alliances standards you will be required to complete the core weekends + a minimum of 20 hours of personalized practicum and homework. You will also be required to complete 10 hours of practicum after our final weekend to receive your certificate of completion.


Previous Year's Guest Teacher Bios......


Rob Dorgan

I took my first yoga class is 1987. It changed my life and gave me a path full of hope. 

Yoga has helped to fill in a lot of empty spaces in my life. I am excited to share what I have learned. The biggest influences on my yoga path have been Sianna Sherman, John Friend when we was leading the Anusara Movement, Sally Kempton and Kate Noble.

These exquisite teachers have helped mold my ‘yoga’ into something with deep meaning. I am returning the favor by offering my insights and understandings to those who like myself are seekers of meaning and believe in the power of love.


Erin Trentel

A graduate of Shine’s 200 Hour Teacher Training program, Erin is a long time student of Shine and a teacher here since April 2014. Erin’s focus as a teacher is to create a supportive environment for her students, where they can explore and deepen their own yoga practice...and have a little fun!


Kate Noble

Kate is the director of Shine Yoga Center and the creator of the curriculum for Shine's Yoga Teacher Training programs. Shine Yoga is dedicated to supporting and inspiring students and teacher's through the practices of Yoga which are rooted in tradition and enhanced by modern developments in a broad range of fields including the health sciences and life empowerment arts. Kate will be dropping in during portions of the training and may help with program mentoring along the way. 

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