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Welcome To The 2021 200 ryt Yoga Teacher Training & Student Immersion Page

Find all the details about our upcoming teacher training below. Students who wish to join us for the 2021-22 academic year should follow this checklist for registration and check the 2021 Teacher Training Resources page for this year's calendar and pricing structure. 

If you are interested in this year's course, please:

  1. Submit your pre-application. Click here to download. Please send your completed application by email to with the heading "teacher training." You can also direct your questions here.

  2. Register and attend our next open house on Friday, September 17th from 6 - 7:30 p.m. Click here to register for the open house. (If you are unable to attend the open house, please drop a line to to request a meeting.

Once you have submitted your application and have had an in-person meeting at Shine, and as long as we meet our minimum number of six students, you will be directed to complete your contract and make your deposit. 

We have extended the registration period for the 2021-22 course.

We are currently set to begin on Oct. 15.

We are waiting to have a minimum of 6 students with a max of 12. 

Please stay tuned for updates.

To be alerted when we have training updates, please sign up for our teacher training newsletter.

About Our Program...

This course is offered with a dual and complementary intention. Of course, we want to provide quality training for future teachers but we also want to provide a course for ALL students to have an opportunity to be exposed to — and "immersed" in — what we call the deeper dimensions of yoga. Among other objectives, this course provides an opportunity for students and future teachers to learn, study, practice, and play with:

  • traditional yoga philosophy and meditation practices

  • the science of the divine design of the human body

  • an understanding of the benefits and the contraindications of the modern poses and practices of yoga

  • how and why to modify yoga postures & practices for individual needs and desires

  • how to create unique, safe, and empowering yoga practices for personal use, for the use in public yoga classes, and how to support clients in a private session setting

  • self-discovery and personal empowerment practices

  • tapping into Inspiration through "creativity recovery" practices which can benefit all individuals in leading lives with a greater sense of personal authenticity, freedom, and joy

  • interpersonal, teaching, coaching, and social support skills - whether you plan to teach or not, these skills are designed to benefit your capacity to strengthen your personal relationships

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2021 200 ryt Quick Links

2021 200 ryt Resources Page

2021 ryt Application

2021 - 22 Tentative Schedule

More information

Links to register for open house

Direct Link for Application

Important Dates

Open House #1 -  Sat. Aug. 28 2-4 pm

Open House #2 - Fri. Sept. 17 6-7:30 pm Program Start - Fri. Oct. 1st 6-9 pm

Sign Up To Receive Teacher Training Newsletter

General Information About Our Program

Shine Yoga is affiliated with Yoga Alliance and offers teacher training programs on a consistent basis. We are registered to offer: 200, 300, 500, and PreNatal Trainings. Most of our Yoga Teachers are eRYT's so that you are able to receive Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits in our classes and workshops. 


Shine's Teacher Training is a comprehensive & compassionate program. We feel that our teacher's experiences are the best barometer for the quality of the program. Feel free to click here and take some time to read our reviews and shoot an email to if you have any questions or concerns!

Update - July 2021

Hi friends. We ARE in the process of planning our in-person 2021-22 200 hour foundational yoga teacher training & immersion program.*

We are currently accepting "pre-registration applications." No deposit is due with the these applications as we work to finalize dates and pricing for 2021-22 academic year. Training is most likely to begin at the beginning of October and runs over the course of about 2 full weekends per month**.

If you are at all interested in joining our course this year, please download the pre-registration application and return either the paper document or your information and answers by email to with the heading "Teacher Training."

Students should have at least one year of yoga practice under their belt in order to feel comfortable with the material and pace we use in this training/immersion course.

As a Yoga Alliance approved provider, we will also be watching their allowances for distance learning. Should they allow distance learning in YA approved programs, we may provide some hybrid training along with our traditional in-person training. We will be working on the schedule shortly and make announcements when we are ready to open pre-registration. If you are interested in teacher training, we recommend signing up for our special "Teacher Training Newsletter." 


Please find below our tentative schedule for our 2021-22 200 hour foundational teacher training. 

Currently Yoga Alliance requires 180 in-person contact hours. 20 hours can be completed through on-line training. This current schedule includes more hours than are needed to meet our Yoga Alliance requirements. At this time, we will consider this our schedule with the understanding that some of these hours may be cancelled as we get into the training if it feels as though we don't need them all to complete our curriculum. 

It is understandable that students may not be available for every weekend. Accommodations can be made, sometimes with an additional charge, to "make up" missed hours. One or two weekends can be made up fairly easily. More than that will require a big commitment on the student and an additional charge. "Make up" policies are explained in the contract which will be presented upon approval to our program. 


Tentative Schedule for 2021-22 2oo RYT & Student Immersion

"Regular Weekend Hours" Unless Otherwise Noted

Fridays 6 - 9 pm

Saturdays 9:45 - 12:15 & 2 - 6:30 pm

Sundays 12 - 4:30 pm

Total Weekend Hours (14.5)


Short Weekend

Friday Oct 15th 6-9 pm

Saturday Oct 16th 2 - 6:30 pm (no am session)

Sunday Oct 17th 12 - 4:30

11/5 - 11/7 ~ Full Weekend

(Hours 14.5 > 51)

Short Weekend

Friday 11/19 6-9 pm

Saturday 11/20 - full day

(Hours 10 > 61)

12/3 - 12/5 ~ Full Weekend 

(Hours 14.5 > 75.5)

Short Weekend

Friday 12/17 6-9 pm

Saturday 12/18 - full day

(Hours 10 > 85.5)

Rest of dates are full weekends. 

1/7 - 1/9 (Hours 14.5 > 100)

1/28 - 1/30  (Hours 14.5 > 114.5)

2/4 - 2/6  (Hours 14.5 > 129)

2/18 - 2/20  (Hours 14.5 > 143.5)

3/4 - 3/6 (Hours 14.5 > 158)

3/18 - 3/20 (Hours 14.5 > 172.5)

4/8 - 4/10 (Hours 14.5 > 187)

4/22 - 4/24 (Hours 14.5 > 201.5)

5/13 - 5/15 (Hours 14.5 > 216)

Graduation TBA

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