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Shine Yoga utilizes alignment-based practices to cultivate health, harmony, and vitality. Our method includes: centering, dynamic and warming movement, mindful vinyasa (movement linked with breath), focused asana (postures), body balancing exercises, therapeutic movement, empowering themes, pranayama (breath-work), meditation, relaxation, and more. Shine Yoga strives to offer the highest quality yoga instruction possible. We are here to help you Shine!

A little more about Shine.....

Here at Shine, we are focused on providing personalized care, support, and inspiration. We have classes for everyone in the community, including: new beginners, gentle & restorative classes, advanced practitioners, meditation, philosophy, prenatal, kids & seniors. Because our teachers are seasoned veterans, we are able to provide mixed-level classes to keep your class options wide open. Whether you want to take a little more time to explore each pose in our alignment classes, flow through at a steady pace, or get a little bit of both, know that your teacher will help you find modifications that are most helpful for you as an individual. Please visit our website and find the complete class listing wth descriptions.


Shine looks to support health, harmony, joy, knowledge, and alignment-based yoga which focuses on both physical and energetic alignment. When the body, mind, and heart are optimally aligned, it’s only natural to Shine. Shine Yoga holds space to help students enliven their bodies, calm their minds, and brighten their hearts. All of the teachers are vastly experienced and highly trained to offer support and empowerment to each student no matter their skill level. We have something for everyone.


Shine Yoga is affiliated with Yoga Alliance and offers teacher training programs on a consistent basis. We are registered to offer: PreNatal RYT, RYT 200, 300, 500. Most of our Yoga Teachers are eRYT's so that you are able to receive Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits in our classes and workshops. Click Here for Teacher Training, Continuing Education, and Yoga Student Immersion information.


Shine Yoga offers a wide variety of classes and personalized instruction to support and empower students across a broad range
of fitness levels and life stages. Whether you are a new beginner or an advanced practitioner, our alignment-based yoga method will help you feel your best.
Wondering which class is right for you?
To find the classes that will meet your hopes, goals, and needs; please click here to find out more about the levels and tones of our classes. 

Shine's Origin Story

Shine was originally founded by Wendy Andersen in January, 2002. Wendy was first introduced to yoga by her husband Scott, whom she met at her graduation from law school in 1995. While studying for the bar exam in St. Louis that summer, Wendy dove deep into the practice of yoga. It was that summer of 1995 that the vision of Shine was originally born. Wendy knew almost immediately that she would one day become a yoga teacher and open a yoga studio, and she began to steer her life in that direction. For the next several years, Wendy and Scott studied Iyengar and Ashtanga and Anusara yoga, traveling the country together attending workshops and retreats. Wendy met her greatest yoga teacher Sianna Sherman in Cincinnati in 1999, and with Sianna’s support and guidance the seed of Shine Yoga Center began to really take root and grow. Wendy continued to practice law and pay off her student loans until the vision of Shine became a reality in January, 2002. 


The idea of Shine was to be a place of self-discovery, where we could come together on this journey of learning to know ourselves more fully, where everyone could feel free to be exactly who they are, to “shine.” From the beginning, Shine was a true community effort and project. The teachers worked together to create an environment that supports the strengthening, the opening, and the union of the mind, body and heart in a skillful and intelligent way. All of our teachers were extensively trained in biomechanics and alignment and yoga philosophy, so that we were able to safely guide students on that journey of self-discovery.


With much support from the teachers and staff and the entire Shine community, Wendy continued to steer the ship at Shine for 10 years until 2012, when she stepped out of studio ownership and more fully in to raising her three young children. . . . 

In 2012, Wendy passed the torch of guardianship for the Shine Yoga Community to Kate Noble. Kate Noble is the current director and lead instructor at Shine Yoga. Jo Griffith is our MindBody goddess and mailbox administrator. If you have questions or concerns about your class passes, Jo will be your guide. One of Kate's main priorities in directing Shine is to keep high quality, heart-centered, and biomechanically-sound yoga practices strong in our community. Our teachers are here to support, inform, and inspire our students in the ways that will best serve EACH student. While modern yoga does have a tendency to focus on the outer form, we understand that the cultivation of the inner qualities are really what aid in deep peace, natural healing, and enhancing a capacity for the joy that comes in cultivating strong clear connections to the spirit of life that dwells within us and all around us. All of our classes have the expectation to be holistic in nature by addressing the multi-faceted beings that we are. Our classes are designed to help you take good care: body, mind, heart, and soul.

Before becoming a yoga teacher in 1998, Kate was already working as a personal trainer and wellness coach. With a focus on functional fitness and healthy living, it is a main priority to be able to offer a wide range of class types and styles so that there truly is something for everyone here at Shine whether you are a brand new beginner, a seasoned practitioner, or anywhere in between and at any age & stage of your life. We truly are - here to help YOU Shine!

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