July 23, 2015

The big star we call the Sun will be moving into the constellation Leo tonight (July 22, 2015) at 11:30 pm.  Can you feel the shift?  It can be quite noticeable since we are leaving the lunar ruled sign of Cancer, that can have us feeling moody and deeply self reflective, and entering the self confident energy of Leo.


On the personality level you may find yourself standing up straighter, more energized to go out and do things and move away from self doubt.  Cancer and the moon that rules it are Yin and associated with Shakti.


Leo which is ruled by the Sun is confident and outgoing. It is Yang and associated with Shiva. We in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the height of Summer. We feel the heat and the emotional outward energy that the Sun/Leo can pull out of us. On a personality level, Leo can be the “Celebrity or Movie Star Energy”- flashy, self absorbed a...

April 20, 2015


The Energy of Taurus the Bull is with us from April 20- May 21 this year.


The Taurus time and energy is referred to as the “freshly plowed field of springtime, ready for the seed”.


This describes our piece of the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere currently but it  also describes  us at this time. The planet is ready for the seed to pop open and flower and so are we in our body, mind and heart.


When we read about Taurus the descriptors are: slow, steady and stubborn. It is an energy that is fixed and not easily pushed around. It needs time to adjust and assimilate.


I like to think about what is happening in nature right now in relation to the energy of Taurus. The seeds have cracked open. The new life in the form of sprouts and seedlings are pushing their way up and through the ground.

How much will and strength does it take to make that journey from seed to sprout. Th...

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