February 26, 2015

Putting this series of AstroAsanas together has changed me on a very deep level.  It has allowed me the opportunity to deeply dive into each sign of the Zodiac in a different way that I have done before.


Like an actor preparing for a role, I allow myself to submerge into the energies of each sign and try to experience life from that perspective for a month or so.


Swimming in the waters of Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, has brought me to my knees, in a good way. To my knees in a sign of reverence and humility.


Each of the signs represents a piece of the life journey. The twelve of them together give us clues to how we are experiencing life and love and as I see it, the Life of Yoga.


Each of us has the energy of all twelve signs contained with in us. Some of the energies are are stronger than others and color what our current journey is about.


But the journey ultimate...

November 20, 2014

I went on this journey to find an image of the human being that I could feel proud of. I wanted to reassure myself of mortal strength, of man's power not only to survive on this earth but to continue growing in stature. I wanted the faith to believe that we can fulfill our role in this evolving universe of which we have been given such awesome glimpses.”


Quote by Sagittarius Lillian Smith from “The Journey”— her take on the world and life after seeing the effects of the World Wars.



The season of Sagittarius is fast approaching (November 22-December 21, 2014) This time period and the people born under it are usually characterized as friendly, outgoing, having a sense of a greater purpose in life and an under lying sense of joy about living.

Sagittarius is also labeled as forceful, ardent and extremely impulsive.


The energy at this time of the year can h...

October 22, 2014

The chill is returning to the air here in the Northern Hemisphere. Many of us like Fall and the incredible colors it brings, but there is also simmering dread in some of us as we contemplate  what comes after Fall. Some like winter and it what it offers but for many of us feel the constriction in our bodies from the changing temperature and we feel a heaviness at least for a while as our bodies transition.


Enter the season of Scorpio. It is a fixed sign. The first sign of Fall. It has such a mixed feeling to it. The trees look like they are a blaze in flames as their leaves give us one last hurrah before dropping to the ground.  Nature, in our part of the world, yawns and readies itself for a coming time of increased darkness and seeming silence. But even in apparent dormancy life goes on. The creatures that truly hibernate still have a heart beat. The coming reclusi...

August 19, 2014

Ever since I was a little boy I believed in magic. I remember distinctly trying to make

things happen with my thoughts. Sometimes they did. The pure belief of a child’s innocence is powerful stuff. I believed that there were real places like the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and that if you believed enough you could make magic happen.


This month as we enter the sign of Virgo we revisit the Alchemical powers of the god Mercury also known as Hermes.  Mercury was the only god granted the powers to travel back and forth between the heavens, the underworld and visit humans in the middle ground.


Mercury rules the sign Gemini as well of Virgo. In Gemini he can be flighty and ungrounded as he is distracted by all that glitters. There are good things about the Gemini sense of movement.


But as Mercury rules Virgo, we add the element of Earth to his moveme...

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