January 16, 2015

I have been studying astrology since the the late 1980’s when Steve and I moved to Colorado and worked with Sun Signs’s and Love Sign’s author, Linda Goodman.  Even when we were studying with Linda, I always found Aquarius a bit of an enigma.

The eclectic sign of consciousness, groups, …………


What does that mean? Group consciousness?


On the mundane level Aquarius is characterized as the absent minded professor, one who has knowledge but not necessarily common sense.

It is about freedom, independence, originality, unexpected, sudden, unpredictable change. inventions, cosmic consciousness, Divine Will………


See what I mean. These descriptors are so ungrounded there is nothing for my mind to hold on to about  Aquarius or Uranus, the planet that rules it.


At the same time, I must also admit, I am fascinated by the Energies it represents and have been since I sta...

October 22, 2014

The chill is returning to the air here in the Northern Hemisphere. Many of us like Fall and the incredible colors it brings, but there is also simmering dread in some of us as we contemplate  what comes after Fall. Some like winter and it what it offers but for many of us feel the constriction in our bodies from the changing temperature and we feel a heaviness at least for a while as our bodies transition.


Enter the season of Scorpio. It is a fixed sign. The first sign of Fall. It has such a mixed feeling to it. The trees look like they are a blaze in flames as their leaves give us one last hurrah before dropping to the ground.  Nature, in our part of the world, yawns and readies itself for a coming time of increased darkness and seeming silence. But even in apparent dormancy life goes on. The creatures that truly hibernate still have a heart beat. The coming reclusi...

April 15, 2014

I love the “reset” effect that vacation often offers. It’s like taking a little time off just to enjoy yourself and focus on your closest loved ones opens up a window to see your life with a fresh perspective. I’m just back from a busier-style family vacation. This vacation emphasized the need and value of making things a little more simple for this moment in my life. In my yoga practice and classes, I’ve been focusing on the simple but powerful practice of connecting fully to the soothing rhythm of the breath.


In the middle of the ebb and flow of life there is a clear, calm, steady place that is nourishing and invigorating. By focusing on the flow of the inhalation to the exhalation and the exhalation to the inhalation we can create a calming effect on our mind and nervous system. In every way life ebbs and flows. It’s natural for their to peaks and valleys. This up and...

March 23, 2014

Having just come through the Vernal Equinox, I feel like I should be writing about the Spring. But when inspiration flows, I’ve found life flows the most gracefully if you go with the current rather than swimming against it!


Last week as we were leaving class, a student commented on another students "Spiritual Gangsters" sweatshirt. The questions, "What is a spiritual gangster?" was followed with a pause and some giggles. At first thought the two words seem like an irony. The truth is that sometimes we do have to employ great strength and power to stand strong and true in a world that is not always as peaceful and harmonious as we yoga practitioners might prefer. Sometimes we do have to take a stand against the injustices we experience in our world. Our yoga practice, as much as being an opportunity to keep our bodies strong and flexible, also gives an opportunity to proc...

March 6, 2014

When I was a runner, many years back, I strove to improve my personal best in a race and checked to see how I finished compared to the other runners in my age bracket. When I went out for a run around the neighborhood I tried to keep pace with the faster runners, passed some and always ran just a bit farther. Running, like a lot of things in life is competitive. We compete with ourselves and others. This is not a bad thing; in fact it’s good to have that drive, that desire to be better. Yoga is not like that. At all.


If you are new to yoga you will learn that the practice is not about getting better, stronger, more flexible and out-posing the other students in the room. Yoga is about appreciating where you are at that moment on your mat. We learn that no matter where we are in the evolution of a pose is exactly where we are supposed to be, at that moment. Then with the ne...

February 26, 2014

I hated missing my classes this week but a cold had me in its grip and the last thing I wanted to do was tend to it while I practiced on my mat, in a classroom. Not that colds are the worst thing ever, but truth be told, they are pretty gross- red noses, swollen watery eyes, ache and chills. It is hard to fake looking and feeling good when you have that going on. And hearing, You look horrible just adds insult to misery. So what's a girl to do? Head to her yoga mat, that's what.


One of the perks of taking classes with great instructors is when we are too germ ridden to attend class we can take what they have taught us and fly solo for a few days. I can share that downward facing dog is not the best pose for when one has a rampant cold, but just about everything else is bliss. It was refreshing and energizing to feel and to focus on what was good in my body than give all m...

February 12, 2014

I knew that committing to this blog would be a challenge.  With many roles and responsibilities my days are packed full! This month has whizzed by in a blur. Many of you know that we had a big event here at Shine with Sianna Sherman. The studio was abuzz with energy and community. I’m so grateful for all those who came to practice, learn, and for those who helped pull off the big event!


As is natural, the highs are often followed by some lows. I’ve wanted to get back here to offer some insight and inspiration on practice but was struggling to come up with a pertinent topic. The topic has surfaced and truth be told it’s a bit of a hard one.


One after another this past weekend I heard of the passing over of some sweet souls. Loved ones left behind, grateful for time shared, and saddened by the parting of ways.  Loss has also touched close to home for one of our community me...

February 4, 2014

We were working on a new pose in class today, the crow pose. Can I say I am not a fan. Not at all. The pose makes me feel weak, awkward, scared that I will fall on my head, a little frustrated and silly. Fortunately I have a great teacher who breaks down each new pose into bite-size nuggets and reminds me that we can 'hang out' in any step of the pose as long as we like and that is just fine. Whewww.


Then I remembered that it was not too long ago that down dog was not a favorite of mine. I have little upper body strength and down dog for me was not the calming, balancing pose others found it to be. It was hard work and focused breathing punctuated with a little silent prayer that we would move onto the next pose NOW! 


As you know down dog is a key pose in all classes. There is no escaping the dog. So I made a decision, I could fear it or train it. I practiced down dog at...

January 15, 2014

These days corporations and all the "hot experts" want you to think that you need a special product or program to get the body or the lifestyle you want. It’s true that a program can be a helpful tool to create healthy lifestyle habits, but it doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be exceptionally “special.” Most of the time, simplicity will take you right to the heart of what you need to live up to your highest potential in life. When we are in tune with ourselves and with our surroundings, vibrant health is much easier to experience.


Through 17 years of personal training and 15 years of yoga, I’ve seen sooooooooooo many fads and trends come and go. As I’ve explored the wide array of books, concepts, and programs (and considered but not gotten involved with the products), I’ve found that what has worked best for my clients, my students, and myself is to just ke...

January 14, 2014

Easing Back to the Mat.....

Saying I had to ease back to the mat this week after only being a student for a few months sounds a bit strange until you hear why I was AWOL for over a week. I had the flu. I joked the other day that I would rather have a cold than one of my migraines, and well, I got one heck of a cold and flu. Note to self- be careful what you wish for!


A few sad attempts at working punctuated a week spent taking hot baths, sitting with a heating pad set on hot and lots of sleeping.  At least once a day I tried to spend some time on the mat. Poses that stretched the back and shoulders were a great relief for tight, twisted muscles that ached and joints that seemed to crack like brittle wood. Moving, stretching and getting away from the sick bed and sofa for a few moments on the mat where I feel energized and strong helped me feel healthier.  Finally,...

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