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Hi Friends! 

Welcome to our class portal. We have many options for you to continue - or begin - a yoga practice. Please follow the links to find out more about how to sign up for and attend the type of classes that feel just right for you. The easiest way to see our current in-person and live-streaming schedule is to visit our MindBody schedule. You can click here or click the big red "sign up for a class" button on any page. 

To sign up for class, you will need to have a Shine Yoga - MindBody account. Click here for directions about how to do that and to sign up for classes

We also have a large selection of free classes available on our YouTube channel. Because we still have rent, teacher's payments, and maintenance fees to pay -- so if you can -- we do appreciate donations in return for the use of the recorded videos. And... if you yourself are struggling financially, please feel free to take advantage of our YouTube video library. Liking our videos and becoming a subscriber can help us as well. Click the "Recorded Class" button for more info and links to our recorded classes.

Click here for step by step instructions for class registration & attendance.

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