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We are open for small in-person classes.

Please read below for all the latest details. 

Pre-Registration is required for all classes.


If you are interested in a private personal or small group session, please drop us a line at for more information. 

In-Person Class Update as of August 2021

Following is our most recent in-person class updates.

We are happy to be hosting small in-person classes along with our live-stream classes and on-demand classes. 

Pre-Registration is currently required for all in-person classes. See the directions box (to the right on our desktop site and down below on our mobile site) if you are not already familiar with the process.

Class sizes are limited. Most classes are capped at about 15 students, a few classes permit up to 20 students. Most props are now available for use — at your own risk. We have plenty of alcohol spray on-site for you to use to sanitize props. We run an air purifier between classes and do have our own fresh air exchange in the studio space. 

*Respect for the well-being of our community is at the forefront of our minds, hearts, and protocols. Masks are always welcome but are not required. While we are not mandating proof of vaccination at this time, we hope that all those whom are able to receive the vaccine have. Please use careful discretion in your participation of our group classes. If you have any doubt that you may be unwell or have had any Covid exposure, please wait to return to classes until that doubt has passed through testing and proper quarantine.


We hope you will take advantage of our live-stream classes and on-demand library if you are not able to attend in-person classes at this time. Follow the links below or up on our top menu for more information about our virtual class platform. 

There are a few more details about how our in-person classes are running. Please see below for more information.

Follow the pictoguide to register for studio & park in-person classes. The Shine Yoga launchpad image is an active link to get you started on signing up.

shine yoga launch pad
Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 1.05.20 PM.png

How To Register for In-Person Classes....

All students must be pre-registered to attend in-person classes.

You can still share a pass but each person needs to reserve their own spot through their own MindBody account. Send us an email if you would like to link your passes. 


  2. Sign-in or Sign-up

  3. Navigate to the "Classes"  tab and click the "today" or "week" button to view the current schedule


  5. The next prompt you will see is, "Make a Single Reservation." This just means you will be registering for this one class - rather than multiples of the class. In the next step, you will be able to pay for the single class, apply your current class pass to the class, or buy and use a new class pass.

Please take note.....

You will need to complete a new 2020/21 waiver when you return to practice. You can download one here and bring it with you or you can fill a new one out at the studio.


Always check the schedule before you come to class. With a limited number of "first-wave" teachers and our strict guidelines for health, it is possible that we will need to cancel classes last minute.


If you need to cancel your class reservation, you must cancel at least 3 hours before the class in order to not be charged for your missed class.

Old news...

  • We have new waivers and registration forms that must be collected before you practice in person. You can click here, or on our website, to download from home and then bring the completed waiver with you. We will also have them to fill it out at the studio. The new waiver releases us from liability from the potential to contract illness at the studio and releases your rights to recordings. Most of our classes will be live streamed at this time. For the most part, you will be positioned off camera unless you would like to be the live stream model of the day.

  • Please do not come to the studio if there IS ANY CHANCE that you may have been infected or have been in proximity with anyone who has been sick.

  • You will be asked to socially distance on the way in. Please savor the entrance and take your time ;-) One person at a time can come in and place their shoes and other limited personal belongings in a single cubby stand. You each get your own. Once you've placed your belongings you can take a space in the room.

  • For the time being, we are limiting props at the studio. At this point, if you would like to use our blocks and straps, you may. However, you are responsible for cleaning them before and after use. Please bring your own mat! You may also bring your own props. We do encourage you to bring a CLEAN large towel or small blanket for padding as we are currently not allowing the use of studio blankets.

  • Common touch surfaces have been eliminated including our water service. Please bring your own bottle of water to class.

  • Use hand sanitizer as you enter Shine.

  • Masks. Ohio regulation states that participants are encouraged to wear masks upon entry and exit but are not required to wear them during exercise. We will follow this protocol. I want to add that while masks can keep your respiratory particles to your face, they do not filter the virus out. There is a risk to being in a closed space for an extended amount of time. It's important that you weigh the pros and cons for yourself before coming in to practice.

  • We have purchased and are using a new Hepa air purifier and got a new HVAC system over the break which feels like a blessing.

  • Teachers and masks. Teachers will stand behind a barrier and/or wear a mask when welcoming students in to class. Most teachers will not be wearing masks during class as it will interfere with our ability to speak to the students in the room and on the live-stream.

  • We will have alcohol spray and wipes to sanitize all surfaces at the end of class.

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