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LunarNew Year
Mini-Retreat with Kate

Friday, Feb 9th & Saturday, Feb 10th

This mini retreat is designed to create a sacred pause here in this transition time of winter to early spring and to re-orient here at the marker of the lunar new year.

Students can register for individual sessions or get a discount for signing up for the full retreat. Regular class prices apply for each session — or— register for the full weekend event for $33.

Scroll down for more info on each session. Sessions include:

Friday Feb 9th 6 - 7:30

Guided Intuitive Tarot Session


Saturday Feb 10th 10-11:30

Mixed Level Lunar New Year Yoga Special

Mixed-Level Full-Spectrum Practice


Saturday Feb noon - 1

 Guided Yoga Nidra

Purple Glow

Lunar Year Mini-Retreat Sessions

*Students can register for individual sessions or get a discount for signing up for the full retreat.

Regular class prices apply for each session — or— register for the full weekend event for $33.

Scroll down for more info!

Lunar New Year Mini Retreat with Kate


Fri & Sat Feb. 9 & 10

3 Sessions - sign up for single sessions or full event

Regular class prices apply for single sessions

- or - attend the full mini-retreat for $33.

Scroll down for details about each session.

The lunar new year is an excellent time to re-visit new year hopes and to seed some new intentions for the coming year. This workshop series is designed to create a calm and intuitively rich mental / emotional / energetic space in which we can root more fully into the light of the spirit at this Lunar New Year moment.

Sessions include:

Friday Feb 9th 6 - 7:30 - Guided Intuitive Tarot Session


Saturday Feb 10th 10-11:30 - Mixed-Level Full-Spectrum Lunar New Year Yoga Special


Saturday Feb 10th noon - 1 Guided Yoga Nidra

Friday, Feb. 9th 6 - 7:30 pm

Lunar New Year Oracle/Tarot Workshop To Heighten Your Intuition

This playful class is designed to help you sharpen your intuition, ignite your imagination, and help you connect more fully to the light of your own inner wisdom.


Kate will introduce basic oracle/tarot card principles and present a special card spread that she’s created to be used to tap into the energy of the lunar new year.


Class format includes: centering and introduction to the use of oracle/tarot cards to tap into inner wisdom, personal card draws, support in reading your card spread if needed, and closing meditation and/or relaxation to help integrate the insights.


If you have your own cards, please bring them. If you need cards, we will have some for you to use.

~ Saturday, February 10th ~

10 - 11:30

Special Lunar New Year Mixed Level Full Spectrum Yoga Practice w. Kate

Let’s Welcome The Year of the Dragon!

The Year of the Dragon is said to be one that will bring potent energy to support forward progress. The question is, what do we want to put our own energy behind in this coming year? This mixed-level class will provide an opportunity to open & focus our minds on what is most meaningful at this time and create an embodied energetic imprint that can support our individual and collective intentions for the coming year.


This class is appropriate for those students who like both a little mindful flow and a little focused alignment work. We will begin with centering and gentle warm-ups to set the tone of the practice which will include: embodiment practices, breath & pranayama practice, mindful flow, alignment & dynamic energy balance work, and will finish with a sweet relaxation.

Noon - 1

Yoga Nidra and San Kalpa Session with Kate

Yoga Nidra is a very deep relaxation that holds a clear intention to connect with the deep inner core of the heart in order to remember and strengthen the "song" of the heart. This song -or- heart vision is called a San Kalpa. More than a surface level "intention," a San Kalpa puts us in touch with what really matters most to the well-being of our heart, soul, and total being. Participants lie on the floor and are guided into a very deep relaxed state at which point the question is asked, what does your inner heart core voice want you to know at this time. That is the San Kalpa — or song of the heart. Connecting to our deepest inner wisdom is a powerful tool for purposeful and optimal living.... and the relaxation aspect is incredibly rejuvenating and healing. 

Why Come To a Retreat?

The point of a retreat is to take some time out of ordinary everyday life in order to re-center and re-orient ourselves on the path of life. A retreat allows us to take a little bit of extra time to connect more deeply inward, to observe & reflect on where we are in our life journey, and to re-affirm what direction we want to be heading in life and where we want to focus our energy in order to support the things that really matter. 

The mini-retreat focuses on the four aspects of total-being well-being: mind, body, heart, and soul.


Comprised of several sessions, this mini-retreat is designed to give us all a little pause at the beginning of this new year in order to slow down and be more considerate about what we really need, what we really want, and where we can direct our focus and energy to support what matters most. 

We will use:

  • gentle movement to help us feel more fully centered, alive, and balanced in our bodies

  • easy breath & meditation techniques to calm and clear the mind

  • guided visualization, contemplation questions, inner discovery exercises, divination techniques, and short-form journaling designed to expand our minds in order to remember that life is full of possibilities and sometimes it is helpful to look beyond today for what matters to our soul. (This is a gentle session and while intention setting may come out of this practice it is also a beautiful thing in life to appreciate where we are. This is a low pressure contemplation practice!)

  • deep relaxation is utilized to help us release the energetic imprints of the past and integrate our experience and insight in order to leaving us feeling refreshed and ready to move into 2024 with an open heart and bright spirit. 

Students may register for individual sessions. See our regular group class schedule to schedule for individual sessions. Register here to sign up for all four sessions at a discount.

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