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We are excited to present a Chakra Challenge this fall to bring a little extra focus, energy, balance, and fun into our practices here at Shine. The teachers are coordinating teaching themes to present a new chakra each week. 

How to Start the Chakra Challenge...

If you would like to participate in the challenge, you can pick up a challenge card in the studio the week of October 1st. 

Attend at least one class each week of the challenge.


To complete the challenge: You'll need to bring your chakra challenge card with you each week to be checked off by your teacher to complete the challenge. If you attend a class each week of the challenge, you will be entered to win some big Shine prizes. If you have to miss one week, we will allow you one make-up class to complete the challenge. 

Bonus points!

Win extra raffle entries by submitting responses on the challenge cards which include one or all of the following prompts:

What do you love......

- about Shine?

- about your favorite class(es)?

- about your favorite teacher(s)?

- about yoga?

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