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New! Meditation 8 Week Series Live-stream

Introduction to Meditation: 8-week series


Training your mind to be healthy and resilient is as important as training your body. Thousands of scientific studies have shown there are many benefits of regular meditation, such as:

  • Develops concentration and cognitive performance

  • Relieves and prevents anxiety, anger, depression, effects of trauma, substance abuse, ADHD…

  • Promotes relaxation, a sense of peace / balance

  • Enhances intuition and kindness

This 8-week series meets as a live-streaming class every Thursday 8:00 – 8:45 pm, October 1 – November 19. Registrants are encouraged to attend all classes (but if you must miss one or two, you will probably still experience beneficial shifts). Each week, we introduce a new concept, meditate for 15-25 min, and share questions/comments. Meditation practices are selected to experience Discipline (focused-attention, mindfulness), Insight (awareness, reflection), and Compassion (attitudes, behaviors).

Cost for 8 week series: $100


We require a 7 student minimum to run this series. You can register for this series here: Annie's 8 Week Meditation Series Please email if you are committed to attending this series.

Annie Weisbrod, Ph.D., eRYT-500, ACE Health Coach, Reiki & Sekhem Master Teacher, started meditating twenty years ago. Annie is Abbot Emeritus of the Cincinnati Zen Center, studying extensively with several Masters. She has taught >3000 people through corporate and public workshops on meditation, stress resiliency, listening and compassionate communication.

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