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Welcome Back!

We are so happy to have opportunities to connect more deeply with you again. Certainly one of the things you are likely to be wondering about is what to do about your class passes. With new protocols necessary to open safely we have some new procedures.


*All classes now require pre-registration ( in-person and live streaming both). 

If you are a previous student of ours, you have a MindBody account. Please make sure you can access it. If you are a new student, or cannot access your MindBody account. please click here and create an account. If you are not sure how to log into our MindBody page, more information on this is available here. If you need a password reset, please email . When you do log in, you may not see a class pass you know you had. A more detailed explanation follows on how to manage your class passes going forward and offers several choices for your consideration. 

Options & Changes For Your Class Passes...
As you can imagine, being closed for several months and now needing to operate in a very different model with new expenses and less income, this has been a very hard time financially. We know that we are not alone in this challenge and want to do our very best to keep yoga accessible and to keep our space open & our community connected. So we have several solutions.

  • We would graciously accept the gift of your old pass as a donation to help support Shine at this time or...

  • We are also just as graciously willing to give you an extension on your old pass. Your old class pass grants you access to in person classes, not the classes we are live-streaming or in our pre-recorded video on demand library, however...

  • If you would like to transfer your old in-person class pass to pay for live- streaming classes, we'll be happy to do that for you too.

  • More details on this here.


*Please email us with your questions, concerns, and requests.


For additional clarification​

  • Your previous class pass only works for in-person classes so if you would like to take a live-stream class, you'll need to pay separately or convert your old class passes to a virtual class pass ( more info on virtual class passes here ).

Class passes going forward...

In the past, we have been able to run the show quite loosely, relying on a lot of communication. New parameters require us to be more concise about expectations and policies.

  1. As I mentioned, we're taking small steps here in our closure recovery and don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. We've limited the number of classes that you can buy at one time and increased the prices slightly for in-person classes. (If you have financial difficulty, please let us know. We don't want money to be the only reason you can't practice at Shine.)

  2. You will need a separate class passes if you are planning to do both in-person and virtual. One type of class pass is for for in-person classe, another type of class pass is for the live-streaming classes, and a third grants access to our On Demand library.

  3. Please check your NEW class pass expiration dates. As of now: in-person class packages are good for 3 months. We are planning on NOT offering extensions as we have done in the past as the constantly changing landscape may require us to pivot abruptly as well. Virtual single class passes are good for 3 days.

  4. Because we now have a very limited class size - YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER through our Shine MindBody portal here

  5. We are no longer excusing "no shows." You can early cancel any class up to four hours before a class. If you cancel within four hours from class start time, you will be charged due to our new limited class sizes.


Email Jo @ to address your class pass issues.

Virtual Live Streaming Class Passes

As mentioned previously, you will need separate class passes to attend virtual classes as opposed to the in person classes. If you would like to extend an old class pass and transform it to a virtual class pass, we are happy to do that for you. 

Virtual Class Passes

Creating a MindBody Account

Click here to go to our MindBody Online page in order to create your account for our system

To set up an account please click on the circled tab and follow the prompts provided.​

Create MindBody Account
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