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MamaShine Prenatal Yoga

Teacher Training Program

Program Begins May 19th, 2017 - meet one weekend per month > Sept.

Early Bird Discount & Registration Ends May 15th

visit > Teacher Training for full details

An 85 hour Yoga Alliance Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification Program


There are many great prenatal yoga teacher training programs abound but not many local trainings that will take you through to certification with the Yoga Alliance. This training led by Kate Noble will immerse you in a program that is designed to support women through every stage of pregnancy, through delivery, and even into the days of early motherhood. 

Print, complete, scan & send application to for approval.

Course Syllabus:

Trainees will take a closer look at the benefits of Yoga specifically for the pregnant mother. With an understanding of common issues for women at this life stage, we can build classes to suit their needs. Trainees will be introduced to the general physiological, emotional, and energetic changes and challenges that occur during pregnancy. Trainees will identify common discomforts and tendencies specific to the pregnant woman so that we can explore modifications to general Yoga practice throughout the training. 


Trainees will explore rapport building skills between both teacher and student, and among students, to create an environment that is conducive to self-discovery, increased sensitivity, and that will encourage students to make deeper inner connections that will help them to feel more empowered in self-care throughout the pregnancy, in the delivery room, and in the role of new mother. Trainees will practice connecting on a deeply personal level with students, will learn how to help build community among students, will explore skills in helping students to open up more intuitively and instinctively, and will encourage students to move in ways that more fully support themselves and their bond with baby. Subjects of study include:


Anatomy & PhysiologySafety for Mother & Baby, Prenatal Teaching Skills, Class Planning & Sequencing, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga for the Birth Process, Partner Yoga for Pregnancy, Supervised Practicum

Program Requirements:

MamaShine’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training & PRYT Certification Program runs from May 19, 2017 - September 9 (+ 20 hour personal practicum & 10 hours home study). The program is comprised of core training weekends, home study, and practicum. Yoga Alliance requires Prenatal Teacher Trainees to teach an additional 30 hours of prenatal classes before becoming a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Shine Yoga center is not responsible for securing this aspect of Yoga Alliance’s practicum. You will receive an 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Traning Certificate at the end of our training period upon completion of your practicum. If a student must miss class room hours - these must be made up with the lead instructor and will require an additional charge to make-up missed time.(As you have only one lead instructor for this training, there is always the possiblity of illness or emergency that may require a shift in the weekend training schedule. Every effort will be made to stay on schedule, but in the case of a schedule shift accomodations will be made that work with each students schedule to make up this time.)



Pricing & Registration

Applicants must complete the teacher training application and must speak with an instructor, beforebeing accepted into this teacher training program. 


*Application Fees & Material Deposits - A $125 non-refundable application fee is due upon approval to hold your spot in the program. An additional $175 non-refundable materials fee is also due by Monday, August 17th for our “pay at start” & “pay as you go” finance programs.


Space is limited and a minimum number of trainees will be required to move forward with this training. Deposits will be refunded only in the case of the program’s cancellation.


Pricing Options:


Early Bird -  $1008 - when paid in full by May 15th


Pay in full at program start:
$125 Deposit, $175 material fee due upon approval + $1008 due by May 15 = Total $1308


Pay as you go program:

$125 deposit due upon acceptance + $175 Material Deposit + 4 additional $400 payments due: May 15, June 1, July 1, Sept. 1 for total of $1500 (monthly payments - once made are non-refundable - even in the case of removal from program).



Students will receive a Shine Yoga Teacher Training Manual but are responsible for acquiring items on their own for our required reading list as well as a journal for notes throughout the training.




Please submit your application and any questions by email to with the subject title: “Prenatal Teacher Training.” Applications may also be dropped off to the studio at 3330 Erie Avenue, Suite #15. 


Space is limited and a minimum number of trainees will be required for this training to run. Please view payments options below.  


Students must submit an application and once accepted the program will be given directions as to how to submit deposit.


Lead Instructor:

For over 14 years, Kate Noble has assisted women through their pregnancies with greater comfort and joy. Kate teaches classes designed specifically for the challenges that come with pregnancy rather than just modifying a basic yoga class for a woman's growing belly. With a focus on pregnancy and preparation for birth, this class is of great benefit for new beginners and advanced asana practitioners alike. Kate brings knowledge, passion, and deep concern for her students to every class.

Along with the core content presented on weekends, trainees will need to choose

8 Practicum Options. These classes may be completed before or after the Core Content completion portion before receiving  completion program. It is possible to take some of your practicum time off-site. Please discuss this option with your instructor if you would liketo use this option.


Training Schedule:


Fri. May 19th 5:30 - 8:30 pm Intro Night

Sat. May 20th 12 - 7 pm PreNatal Class + Training

Sun. May 21st 9 - 4 Training
(a portion will be off-site)



Sat. June 24th 12 - 7 pm PreNatal Class + Training

* new session - Sun. June 25th 1 - 4 pm Training


(July training session removed)


Fri. Aug 18th 5:30 - 8:30 Training

Sat. Aug 19th 12 - 7 pm PreNatal Class + Training



Fri. Sept. 8th 5:30 - 8:30 Training

Sat. Sept. 9th 12 - 7 pm PreNatal Class + Training

*Sun. Sept. 10th 1-4



*Sat. Sept. 30th 12-7


*Kate will accomodate your make-up hours for these recent schedule changes.


Trainees & Lead Instructor will need to create a personalized practicum during this training. Our regular Pre-Natal classes may be utilized for portions of your practicum. These classes take place on Wednesdays from 6-7 pm and Saturdays from noon - 1. 


Trainees must complete a 20 hour practicum during the training + 10 hours of home study to receive your Prenatal Teacher Training Certificate. Yoga Alliance also requires you to teach 30 hours before crediting your Yoga Alliance affiliation.

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