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Class Prices

This following price list is for convenience only. Ultimately, the prices showing at check out on our MindBody site are the correct prices. Prices are subject to change as we continue to adapt to current conditions.

Please be sure to note special conditions and expiration dates for certain passes. *Class packages are non-refundable. Feel free to email us at with any questions.


Most students take advantage of our class packages. We also offer seasonal specials and special packages for new and exploratory students. A brief overview of class pass options are listed here. Scroll down for more information and the full list of our pricing options or use the buttons below to find the type of class pass you are looking for. 

Pay as you go - class packages: 

Single drop-in $18

5 class pass - $75

10 class pass - $140

20 class pass - best regular class price deal! $250 
Unlimited Monthly Contract - $150 ( auto-renews )

For New Students:

5 classes for $35 ( Explorer Pass - two-week expiration date ).

New Student Monthly Unlimited - $48

We also have live on-line and recorded on-demand passes.

Scroll down for more info.

First: A note about class sizes, registration, and a few regular class price resets. 

(Yes! some of us have reset price points to a lower price since Covid;-)

At the onset of our initial re-opening after Covid, we drastically limited our class sizes. We set our class prices and registrations to accommodate our most regular students. While we are still limiting class sizes to a certain degree, we have opened classes up a bit.


Most classes have a 20-person capacity and then have a wait-list. If you are on the waitlist, you may come in to class knowing that it's a pretty full class at today's standards. (The exceptions are the Gentle class on Thursday am and Restorative on Sunday which are prop dependent. You must be pre-registered for these two classes.)


We are still requesting students pre-register for other classes but if you have been having trouble registering and want to come in for class, please do so. Our classes have a two-hour window for you to early cancel. You are not charged for an early cancel. If you cancel after that two hour window, your pass will be charged for that class. 


While most prices around town are going up for 2023, we have dropped a few prices for the New Year — including our drop-in price. *Please note that group class pass packages continue to have a 3-month expiration date unless otherwise stated. Our new Summer Explorer pass has a two week expiration date. Our video class expiration dates are noted with each pass.


We are offering a few new class options.

Scroll down for more information about our new:

New Student Specials and New Monthly Unlimited Roll-Over Passes

Pay Per Class Packages:

In-Person Classes

Drop-In - (was $20) - now $18

5 class pass* - (was $85) now $75

10 class pass* (was $150) now $140

20 class pass* - best regular class price deal! $250 

NEW FOR JUNE! - Package will be available for purchase June 1.

Summer Explorer Pass: 5 classes for $35 (two-week expiration date).

Good for new students and also current students who might like to check out some other classes other than your usuals. One per client.

Pay Per Class

On-Demand and Live-Stream Classes


Virtual ALL ACCESS (live stream & on-demand) - $70/ month roll-over

Monthly on-demand pass - $24

"Single" on demand video -$8
(The "single" option allows you access to the on-demand video library for two days.)

Single Live Stream Class - $8

(Single live stream is good for one class and expires 2 days from your purchase.)

Best Live-Stream Deal = 10 Class Pass - $65

On Line Passes

Monthly Roll-Over Unlimited Class Pass ~ $150

All the in-person classes you can take in one month. 

This pass is a roll-over contract. Your card will auto-renew each month. 

To purchase this contract. Go to your account in Shine Yoga's Mindbody Online page. Click the Online Store tab in the top right hand corner, click on the Contracts tab in the next line below the Online Store line, select Monthly Roll Over Unlimited Class Pass, and then click on Make Purchase on the bottom right hand corner. From there, follow the prompts. You can also purchase contracts in the Mindbody App under Pricing click on the More tab.

Monthly Unlimited Pass. Auto renews every month unless cancelled before auto renew date.


To cancel, log onto Shine Yoga Center's Mindbody Online Page ( not the app ). Go to My Info tab, then go to Account tab, scroll down to near the bottom of the page to the Autopays section, and the column on the right hand side gives the option to terminate.


Please email with any problems / questions.

Click here to be redirected to Shine Yoga Center's Mindbody Online's Page

Pay By Month

Sales and Specials:

Explorer Pass: 5 classes for $35 (two-week expiration date).

Good for new students and also current students who might like to check out some other classes other than your usuals. One per client.

Sales & Specials

New Student Specials


Explorer Pass: 5 classes for $35 (two-week expiration date).

Good for new students and also current students who might like to check out some other classes other than your usuals. One per client. Package will be available for purchase June 1.


New Student Monthly Unlimited - $48

All the classes you can take in one month. Includes full access to our on-demand library.

We are offering unlimited passes on a trial basis for the summer. We'll stay in touch so you can let us know what you think about it as well. Find more information about the monthly unlimited pass below. 

You will only be able to see this pass if you have not attended Shine Yoga Center previously. On the Mindbody App, it should appear under the Pricing section. Select on Classes, then select Group Classes and it should appear as an option to select with the rest of the Group Classes.

From the Shine Yoga Mindbody Page it is under the Online Store tab on the far right corner, then select Series and Memberships, and then select Group Classes. The New Student Monthly Unlimited should appear here if you have not purchased previously from us or attended classes.

New Students


It is our pleasure to share sacred space with you, to help support your well-being practices, and to be in community with you.


Cheers to a happy, healthy, and harmonious new year! We hope to see you soon.


As always, please email us with concerns, questions, and compliments too;-)

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