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Welcome to the Shine Blog!

I'm thrilled to beginning this new venture with Jennifer, my new co-author and the spark of motivation that I am incredibly grateful to have walked into my life at this time! Jenny and I will begin this blog by offering you a broad spectrum of perspective around the practice of Yoga. She as a new beginner and myself one who finally felt at home when I began a traditional practice 15 years ago. The practice of Yoga has so very much to offer and I'm happy to have this little place to share a little inspiration and insight. Although I began Yoga classes as part of my Fitness Training evolution, and stuck with it because it healed my injured back, the greatest gift of Yoga is the harmonizing effect it has had on my entire life. I always knew that I could never pay back the riches I received from yoga, and that the only thing for me to do, was to pay it forward. I feel honored and privileged to know that the work I do as a yoga teacher brings health and happiness into peoples lives. Yoga invites us to connect with our most essential selves, to embrace who we are as individuals, and to recognize that we each are so much more than we experience on the surface. In going deep inside, we remember who we really are without the pressure of the physical world, we find strength and clarity, and in doing so, are able to tap into the light within. Each one of us carries into this world unique and important gifts, talents, and preferences that shape our lives and contribute to the world around us. As we SHINE our unique light into the world, we are each adding to the diversity of life that makes it so very beautiful. More than flexibility, or strength, toned arms, or even a more peaceful mind, Yoga is an invitation to ignite your inner light... and to Shine!

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