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Meet Jenny!

To say I am new to Yoga is not an understatement. As of today I have attended 12 classes at Shine. I am green, wobbly, stiff and at times a bit intimidated on the mat. I laugh at myself as I try new poses and feel an immense sense of accomplishment when I find my balance and comfort in a new pose. I recently got my left heel to rest on the mat during down dog and that was a great day. How I Came to Shine and Yoga

Not too long ago I resigned from my traditional office job. Stress was causing way too many migraines and other health issues. When I was at the office I wanted to take yoga classes, partly to help with stress and also for exercise. I went to maybe two classes. It was to the point that I was too stressed to add something healthy and positive to my life- how scary is that?

As of today, corporate job gone, headaches diminishing and my health is getting better, much better. I am working on a book about Ohio, I am a seasonal gardener at Ault Park, work in a small shop in Hyde Park Square, do some freelance work for a friend in the garden industry and spend a lot of time taking photos and writing. After taking a several classes and finding myself making my way to my yoga mat at home I knew I wanted to write about my yoga journey as well.

I asked Kate if she would be open to someone like me, a newbie, sharing my experiences with yoga and to my delight she said, yes! So was born this blog; a unique blog written by a new student to the practice and one who has been a student and teacher of the practice for many years.

As I sit here I can think of so many things already to share and it's only been 12 classes! What I will NOT be doing is writing about how to do a pose. I am not a teacher, I am a brand spankin' new student and have no business telling someone how to do a pose. If you do them wrong you may get hurt, frustrated or both. I will share my journey with the poses and what I am learning that is helping me with the practice, but if you want to learn how to do yoga consult a teacher. Better yet, if you live in Cincinnati, come to Shine and sign up for a few classes!

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