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Yoga Reminds Us What Is Good and Healthy

I hated missing my classes this week but a cold had me in its grip and the last thing I wanted to do was tend to it while I practiced on my mat, in a classroom. Not that colds are the worst thing ever, but truth be told, they are pretty gross- red noses, swollen watery eyes, ache and chills. It is hard to fake looking and feeling good when you have that going on. And hearing, You look horrible just adds insult to misery. So what's a girl to do? Head to her yoga mat, that's what.

One of the perks of taking classes with great instructors is when we are too germ ridden to attend class we can take what they have taught us and fly solo for a few days. I can share that downward facing dog is not the best pose for when one has a rampant cold, but just about everything else is bliss. It was refreshing and energizing to feel and to focus on what was good in my body than give all my attention and care to what was ailing.

Warrior pose made me feel strong and grounded, pigeon loose and limber and holding a few planks had me tapping into energy deep within I forgot I had. As I practiced my moon pose I took a tiny break from feeling sick. As I wobbled and struggled a bit in Natarajasana I laughed and felt happy, not tired and blah. Truth be told, we are never going to feel perfect all the time, if ever. There will always be something off, out of whack or just plain broken in our body or spirit. That is how life is. Yoga reminds us that there is more happy, healthy and joyful in ourselves and in our lives than we may realize; we just have to turn our gaze away from what is poor and focus on what is bright.

Cheers! Jenny

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