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Sometimes (Usually) Motivation Isn’t Enough to Carry Us Through to a Goal

I started this blog with Jenny with such great intentions! I really was so excited to have a platform to extend some of the benefits of yoga past the reach of my small yoga classes. With a partner on board I thought I might overcome my long held pattern of blogging – and stopping – and blogging – and stopping. But life does what it does, and we do what we do, and as my schedule expanded, my blogging time never really became a regular thing.

I kept thinking about it. I knew that it’s something that I would benefit from and likely that others would too. My intention and even my motivation wasn’t enough for me to carry forward the goal of blogging on a regular basis. As a fitness and lifestyle coach, I know that if we want to change our habits or reach a goal, it’s generally most helpful to incorporate small manageable steps into a regular and consistent routine. I find myself now taking the scary first step to change that requires me to admit that, “I feel off the wagon.” I’m ready to try again and so I’m making the commitment to check in here once a week – even if the blog post isn’t as well written or as inspiring as I think it should be to show up on this page. Often revealing our vulnerabilities allows others to recognize their own. This is really the only reason for me to write and share my personal story with you on a public platform. So… just in case you set a goal for yourself recently and also parted ways with said goal, I’m here to invite you to step back onto the path you hope to travel. Lasting goals are generally only reached with consistent steady progress (and often with little rest breaks) along the way.

Spring is the most excellent reminder of the beauty of slow steady progress! The spring blossoms would simply crush themselves against the hard earth if they pushed too fast. Life always pulses. A little push forward and a little rest back is exactly what keeps life blooming.

With gratitude for spring and fresh starts! ~Kate

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