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"Spiritual Gangsters"

Having just come through the Vernal Equinox, I feel like I should be writing about the Spring. But when inspiration flows, I’ve found life flows the most gracefully if you go with the current rather than swimming against it!

Last week as we were leaving class, a student commented on another students "Spiritual Gangsters" sweatshirt. The questions, "What is a spiritual gangster?" was followed with a pause and some giggles. At first thought the two words seem like an irony. The truth is that sometimes we do have to employ great strength and power to stand strong and true in a world that is not always as peaceful and harmonious as we yoga practitioners might prefer. Sometimes we do have to take a stand against the injustices we experience in our world. Our yoga practice, as much as being an opportunity to keep our bodies strong and flexible, also gives an opportunity to process our emotions and clear our minds so that we can easily stand up for those things we believe in. And... there is power in gangs, and so if we can find a way to pull together to uphold to the positive qualities in life, we can make our spiritual presence known and bring more light, beauty, and grace into the world.

Everyone knows that weapons are important assets for a gangster. As a spiritual gangster, one who wants to make a positive difference in my world, I try to employ an arsenol like these: CURIOUSITY - which makes life more fun, helps me grow, and expands my perspective so that I can bridge the gaps between misunderstandings, GRACE - a potent mix of strength and gentlesness that helps me keep my balance, COURAGE - to be myself, to hold a different opinion than the status quo, or to forge my own path, giving me a sense of freedom even when I am bound by many other aspects of living in community, and of course - LOVE - the tonic that heals and sweetens the whole deal!

What kind of gangster might you be? What are your weapons of choice? And how might you use your power to stand strong and make a positive difference in your corner of the world?

Our Spiritual Gangster "Weapons" Practice included tools to cultivate a clear heart, true mind, and balanced body: intention, attitude, breath practice, mudra, mantra, and poses of power and light.

(Check out the Spiritual Gangster Playlist in the previous post.)

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