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Workshops to Check Out!

I just wanted to take a moment to give everyone a few more details on our upcoming May workshops! I am very excited about all three of them! Workshops are a great way to learn something new, learn something from a new or visiting teacher, or just an opportunity to delve a little deeper into a certain area. Workshops will no doubt enhance your practice and likely life off the mat as well. This May we are offering a core function workshop by Chandler Stevens of Motusfit Cincinnati, an extended asana practice with "the boyz," Rob & Steve, and a workshop to help you learn, or improve, meditation practice. I hope you can find the time to invest in these great opportunities! Even though my weekend time is precious for the sake of my family, you are going to find me at both of the workshop this weekend – they are too good to miss! I hope to see some of you there!

This weekend May 17 & 18th we are offering both the core workshop based on MovNat and our new monthly workshop, AstroAsana. MovNat is a growing health and fitness method that uses the primary movements of crawling action, balancing, and more to refine core movement & health patterns. I'm excited about this workshop because it takes what we do in the alignment of static postures and applies it to real daily life motions. I would recommend this workshop for anyone with bothersome back, shoulder, and hip discomfort! This method is also a great way to improve daily movement and athletic activity; and in it's expanded format is great exercise! Check out the MovNat method at and get to know Chandler at This workshop is Saturday, May 17th from 1:30 – 3:30 and is priced at $30.

Sunday, May 18th Rob Dorgan and Steve Bolia are kicking off a monthly series called AstroAsana. The idea for this class came as I was trying to type up a blog post about the effects of the planet alignment on the physical energy of earth. As I stumbled through it, I thought to myself that it would be great to have Rob & Steve do a class that would introduce the energy of each month and help us feel and play with that in our bodies. I can’t wait for the Gemini class this Sunday. And I look forward to sharing their special blog post for the energy of each sign of the zodiac. You can look for that here soon! Join Rob, Steve, and myself for an awesome astronomical astrological asana practice on Sunday from 1:30 – 3:30 - $20.

Finally we are happy to present Annie Weisbrod’s Meditation and Yoga Asana workshop on Saturday, May 24th. Look for more details coming soon. This workshop will explore philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation.

You can view all of our workshop details on our “Events” page at Pre-registration is encouraged and in some cases is required.

In friendship and shared practice, Kate

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