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Astrology & Asana

As we get ready to kick off our kick AstroAsana Series at Shine, please enjoy this guest post by Rob Dorgan and Steve Bolia and then join us for the workshop on Sunday, May 18th from 1:30 - 3:30. You can preregister on the "workshops" tab at our MindBody Portal.

The sun changes from one sign of the zodiac to another every 30 days or so. The energy change from one sign to another can be quite jarring for some of us. It can also explain why certain months every year seem to be easier or harder than others. It is not always just the change of season but it can be how compatible our sun sign is with the current one we are living under.

May 20, 2014 the sun will move from grounded, security minded and yes, stubborn Taurus to Gemini. Gemini is the first air sign of the Astrological year (which begins with Aries). The air signs are more head centered—-in other words analytical. You will hear air signs like Gemini say, “I think I feel this way or that way.” They tend to think about their feelings rather than just get in there and FEEL. But that is where their comfort zone lies. What does it mean to be an air sign? (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) The propensity (or tendencies) for an air sign would be to be excited about what the mind can hold. There are many intellectual interest for the air signs.

Gemini has the capacity to take in lots of information on many subjects. They are very inquisitive and diverse in their interests. They hate to be bored. Because Gemini is the sign of the Twins, two persons in one body, they are rarely bored; scattered or pulled in too many directions, yes! Bored-NO! Geminis can see life as a buffet where there can be so many options that they can be overwhelmed.

One of our astrological teachers, Linda Goodman, used to have a comedy anecdote about every sign of the zodiac that she used as part of her lectures. The only one I can remember is Gemini. She would say, “I met a Gemini recently and asked her if she was married.” Ms. Gemini sighed deeply and said, “Husbands, they always want to know who you are dating.” This is not to say that a Gemini can’t be in a monogamous relationship, but it was Linda’s way of saying, if you are in a relationship with a Gemini, keep it interesting and keep it different. So goes the life of the Gemini.

In the season of Gemini (May 20- June 21 this year) we may find ourselves flitting from one activity to another. We might credit our increased activity to the warmer temperatures and the freedom we experience from being outside—-true yes—but it is also the mutable, air energy of Gemini that adds to this as well.

Geminis can be brilliant, however the ability to focus is not easy for the pure expression of Gemini. With this energy the wheels of their mind move so quickly that they can speak with out real thought -or move quickly from one thought to another—- like a bee in field of wild flowers.

Gemini has to find ways to be grounded in their own integrity so that they don’t talk out both sides of their mouth. It is said that Gemini is the sign of the politician.

In relation to yoga, Gemini represents all forms of duality— light/dark, positive/negative, silence/noise——-add your own. Therefore the energy can fluctuate in mood and be hard to hold focus. Have you ever felt pulled in different directions and not sure why. Or perhaps you have felt a bit ungrounded because all your energy is in your head and none in your feet. We call that a Gemini moment. All in fun of course. When we blend the elements of any duality we find balance and harmony.

So join us May 18 as we inaugurate our Astrological Asana series. The class will be suitable for most levels. Our theme each month will center around the incoming Sun Sign and how to use it as a tool in our practice and in our lives. The more we understand any thing the more we open to the possibilities of what it can teach us.

The Astro/Asana classes are created to be informative about the energies you are experiencing each month. Also, you can come to the class just to get your asana on.

We think it is appropriate to start this series under the Gemini sun with its versatility and inquisitiveness. Come try something different in the spirit of the Gemini sun.

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