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AstroAsana for August ~ Virgo

Ever since I was a little boy I believed in magic. I remember distinctly trying to make


things happen with my thoughts. Sometimes they did. The pure belief of a child’s innocence is powerful stuff. I believed that there were real places like the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and that if you believed enough you could make magic happen.

This month as we enter the sign of Virgo we revisit the Alchemical powers of the god Mercury also known as Hermes. Mercury was the only god granted the powers to travel back and forth between the heavens, the underworld and visit humans in the middle ground.

Mercury rules the sign Gemini as well of Virgo. In Gemini he can be flighty and ungrounded as he is distracted by all that glitters. There are good things about the Gemini sense of movement.

But as Mercury rules Virgo, we add the element of Earth to his movement abilities and we may feel a sense of organization and efficiency. As we enter the final sign of summer, we think of the harvest and bringing a sense of order to life.

Virgo still has the Mercury tendency to be more intellectual than emotional about life, love and all the other aspects of existence. Because Mercury as the ruler of Virgo is looking to perfect and purify it can lean towards judgment and impatience with others and with itself. The word to use is “expectations”.

The traditional symbol for Virgo is the Virgin. Purity can be good but left too long anything can become stagnant. When our ideas are left too long as just food for thought and are not brought into the physical realm, who is it helping?

Service is the dharma of Virgo. To be of service, Virgo, the Virgin must give birth. That is why in Esoteric astrology, Virgo is ruled by the moon. The moon brings form. So bringing Mercury’s intellect and the moon’s ability to nurture together as one, allows us to birth the Divine Child. The divine child inside each of us is the source of our creativity. When Virgo’s need to “perfect” is softened by its connection to Spirit, through the Moon, it brings the world an integrated being who can manifest perfection and spiritual guidance into the world. That my friends is magic.

This coming month of Virgo gives us the opportunity to try our hand at alchemy. We come under the energies that allow us to combine our animal, human and Higher natures to see what we can create that will serve the Whole.

Join us on Friday August 22, 5:45- to 7:45pm at Shine as we raise our right hands to the heavens and our left hand to the Earth and with our bodies and souls as the conduit in-between, we will see what magic we can manifest. Join us for this awesome version of the AstroAsana series. Harry Potter has got nothing on all of us as we call on the magic of our hearts.

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