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AstroAsana: Scorpio

sianna scorpion.jpg

The chill is returning to the air here in the Northern Hemisphere. Many of us like Fall and the incredible colors it brings, but there is also simmering dread in some of us as we contemplate what comes after Fall. Some like winter and it what it offers but for many of us feel the constriction in our bodies from the changing temperature and we feel a heaviness at least for a while as our bodies transition.

Enter the season of Scorpio. It is a fixed sign. The first sign of Fall. It has such a mixed feeling to it. The trees look like they are a blaze in flames as their leaves give us one last hurrah before dropping to the ground. Nature, in our part of the world, yawns and readies itself for a coming time of increased darkness and seeming silence. But even in apparent dormancy life goes on. The creatures that truly hibernate still have a heart beat. The coming reclusiveness is a time for introspection and conserving energy.

Such is the season of Scorpio. It is a deep, dark and still well. “Still water runs deep” is a Scorpio tag line for sure. This time of year the invitation is to dig deep into the perceived darkness, the mysteries and the unknown. It is a natural time to go below the surface and see what lies at the bottom of your own deep inner well. This Season of Scorpio reminds us that digging below the surface or swimming deep into the dark waters of our psyche is a necessary process.

If opposites are merely our perception of reality and there is no duality, then we must take time to dive into our own mysterious hinterlands and learn to welcome what is there.

It is no accident that Halloween is nestled in Scorpio along with the Christian holiday All Saints Day. Scorpio reminds us that birth, death and regeneration are as much a part of the Human journey as it is part of Nature that surrounds us. Nature reminds us every year of the complete cycle of our own existence.

Scorpio can face the cycles of life in various ways. If it is frightened by its own intensity it can live its existence as the Scorpio or Serpent that only sees the ground below it. It stays low.It’s perspective is limited.

Scorpio can also make a choice and learn to fly. It takes on the bird’s eye view of the Eagle. It soars high above. But even as the eagle, it’s vision may not take in the whole landscape but remains selective in what it wants to see and experience. It dominates and causes fear with it’s presence.

Or the Scorpio decides to transform. It flies right into the flames- directly into the mysteries that frighten us and experiences a regeneration of its entire being. The Phoenix reminds us that we can transcend our fears and therefore find liberation and freedom. How? Direct experience with anything we see as a shadow. Dive in deep and know that every part of you, every last inch is a vital part of your existence. Maybe the Phoenix flies into the flame to burn away the Maya or the veil of illusion.

The yogi can look to Shiva the destroyer to understand the energy of Scorpio. Both teach us about death and destruction and our false identification with form and ego. Destruction opens us up to new paths of creation and opportunities for new life and beauty.

Join us Saturday October 25 4:30- 6:30pm at Shine Yoga Studio in Hyde Park for our AstroAsana Series that will explore the enigmatic sign of Scorpio. We will explore the different levels of Scorpio. We will crawl and we will fly.

We each have this energy in our psyche. Some more than others. You do not have to be a Scorpio to enjoy this session.There will be 90 minutes of awesome asana as well.

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