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A Yoga Home – A Place to Remember and Renew

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It’s nice to think that each person has had at least some one who touched their life in a way to inspire their growth: a teacher, a parent, a friend. It’s also nice to think that every one has had somewhere that they felt safe, secure… able to rest and renew.

I’ve been lucky to have a few of each. As a child, I loved climbing up and hanging out in my big backyard tree or stowing away inside a honeysuckle bush that was the PERFECT hideaway. As an adult, I found solace with Yoga. I was fortunate to meet an amazing teacher and to share space with a group of kind-hearted people.

Although I didn’t start a systemized Yoga practice until 1997, I feel like I’ve always been a “yogi” at heart. I remember feeling “finally at home” in those first yoga classes. I felt incredibly grateful to settle into a dedicated group of practitioners that held space together in this tiny little yoga studio in Newport, then, called Elements.

Our group of regulars was growing quickly and soon we were blessed to have one of the teachers go out on a limb and start a yoga studio across town in Hyde Park. (You have to keep in mind this was before Yoga held the same popularity status that it does now.) In many ways it was a gutsy move at the time… but one that was deeply supported by many people. A large group of students moved and expanded in the beautiful new studio. I loved being a student there while I continued to teach at Elements. The truth is while Shine was growing, Elements was shrinking. It wasn’t too long before the space was passed on to a new and became The Kula Center. At that time, I was a witness to both the beauty and the hardship that comes when a new studio opens.

As our community blossomed at Shine, it began to feel like my second home. I spent a lot of time there because it was a place to feel welcomed into the wholeness of my essential being. I did a lot of healing within those walls and even though I was teaching at many other places, Shine was my Yoga Home-Base. As more studios popped up, and as yoga has found it’s way into gyms and workplaces, the student-ship naturally diminished as a result of the number of choices people now had to practice closer to home or work. The amazing woman who fearlessly opened Shine was faced with the reality that Shine needed more time and resources to keep it going. It came down to a choice between family and business. Again she made the fearless choice and decided her family needed her more right now. Many of us were sad to hear about Shine’s closing. I was more than sad… I was heart broken. In miracles of miracles, Wendy helped me find the courage and the resources to keep Shine open. It was clear that we needed a smaller home and so we downsized from a two-classroom, 3-bathroom, 3 massage rooms, and store to a one-room, one-bathroom cozy studio. We miss the extra space but I am incredibly grateful for the space we do still occupy. Important work, rest, and play happens here and I’m grateful that we were able to work it out.

It was hard though. It was a risk. I understand why small studios are now closing up all over the place. It’s non-stop work without a huge profit margin for most of us little guys & girls. I couldn’t do it without a core group of friends, students, and teachers that ease the burdens of keeping a space like this alive and well. I am sad for those other studios that are closing. I know what they mean to the people that utilize them. I wish more people understood the value of practicing in smaller groups in sacred space with teachers who are in touch with the deeper roots of yoga.

I write this post today as we are getting ready to welcome a class coming from a studio that just closed last week. I want the students, teachers, and space holders there to know that I appreciate the grief that comes from losing a special place in the world. I want you to know that my greatest intention in holding space at Shine is to create a sanctuary in which people can reconnect with, and rest into, who they are as their deepest essential self.

I am sorry for your loss and truly hope that you will each find a new place to feel held and settled into. In the meantime – soak up your community. Spend time together. Give love!

Shine has been in touch with YogahOMe and is among other studios who will honor remaining passes once the Mariemont Studio closes in December. Because Shine splits the income with our teachers proportionally, we are not able to offer monthly-unlimited passes or the deep discounts that some other studios offer. I would like to apologize for this -- but -- it’s important that we support our teachers who need to make a living, as well as our students.

We are offering a new student special…..

Bring this blog post in for “your first class free.” Through Jan. 31st

Usually $10 for a first-time student – or $15 to drop-in


5 classes for $55 (usually $65). These passes have a 3 month expiration date.

Wishing you all peace, gratitude, and recognition of growth in your transitions.

With love, Kate

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