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AstroAsana Preview - Sagittarius


I went on this journey to find an image of the human being that I could feel proud of. I wanted to reassure myself of mortal strength, of man's power not only to survive on this earth but to continue growing in stature. I wanted the faith to believe that we can fulfill our role in this evolving universe of which we have been given such awesome glimpses.”

Quote by Sagittarius Lillian Smith from “The Journey”— her take on the world and life after seeing the effects of the World Wars.

The season of Sagittarius is fast approaching (November 22-December 21, 2014) This time period and the people born under it are usually characterized as friendly, outgoing, having a sense of a greater purpose in life and an under lying sense of joy about living.

Sagittarius is also labeled as forceful, ardent and extremely impulsive.

The energy at this time of the year can have us expand and be idealistic. Perhaps that’s why many of us over extend ourselves as the Holidays approach. We are looking up and out. The energy of Sagittarius and it’s planetary ruler, Jupiter, have a huge stamp on them. It reads— OPTIMISM. Optimism about themselves, about their journey, about mankind and our purpose on the planet.

There are great ideals in the Sagittarius’ psyche. There is much movement in their lives. There can be so much idealism and movement that some Sagittarius’s are labeled, flaky, ungrounded, lazy……..

The Centaur, half man-half horse, who is also a master archer, is the symbol and archetype for Sagittarius. In archery we look out to where we are shooting. Our ideal is to release the arrow in our bow and have it make contact with the target. There are many arrows for the Sagittarius. He can indiscriminately fire them off in rapid succession to the point that he has no idea where or what he is shooting.

But the Centaur has the body of a horse to ground him if he can just remember it’s there. If we are too focused outward, we can forget the treasures and tools we possess inside us. What can we glean from the image of a grounded visionary? Is it possible? Are you working on a vision that needs a foundation? Or are you so grounded that a sense of yourself as a visionary is not in your scope of possibilities?

Please join us Saturday November 22 from 4:30-6:30pm at Shine Yoga, 3330 Erie Ave for our Sagittarius version of AstroAsana.

Not only does the Sun enter Sagittarius on this day, but the Moon is New!

We will explore the Sagittarius energy that we are entering and see how we can use it in our lives and our practices. We will explore what this fiery, outgoing energy can mean to us no matter what our own “Sun Sign” may be. It will also give you insight into the Sagittarius’s in your life.

You need not be a Sagittarius to attend the class. We all have a bit of the Centaur archetype in us. You can also just come to the class for an awesome Asana practice. “Ground down to rise up” would make a great yoga/Sagittarius tee shirt.

Sagittarius is all about expanding and moving forward. Join us for something a little different and see where the the newness takes you.


Rob and Steve

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