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AstroAsana - Capricorn


Capricorn (December 21- January 20) has two festive Holidays nestled into its time frame. We have Christmas with the celebration of the coming of the gifted Child and New Year’s which marks the first day of a new calendar year.

With all this celebrating it is interesting that many people are not so jovial. As a matter of fact many people in the Northern Hemisphere are languid and many even deal with depression at this time.

Instead of wanting to be social, many of us feel a desire to literally go inside, into our homes and also into our own being. We feel the need to hibernate and recharge like some animals and the plants we see in our gardens.

Such is the energy at the time of Capricorn. The Winter Solstice is marked by the sun moving into Capricorn. From that moment, the days begin to get longer. Although we know that to be true scientifically, we still feel the effects of the short days, the grey skies and the seeming lack of energy from the outside.

Each astrological sign is sacred and has it’s own meaning for us. If we look to the ancient’s and their celebrations of the Solstice we see that there was a sacred celebration for the return of the Sun. There were candle ceremonies and yule logs inviting the return of the sun but overall it was a time to go inside literally and metaphorically. It was seen as time to experience darkness and silence. It was a time of introspection. A time to gain strength for use at a much more outward time.

People entered the silence voluntarily.

“ The world in Solemn stillness lay”—-to hear the angel of our own heart speak. ( I know I rewrote the song a bit…. but it fits what the season of Capricorn is about for all of us.)

Capricorns are known for striving and making things happen with their strong will and discipline. These are great attributes when you are attempting to manifest things of the Soul. But too much striving brings about constriction and tension in our bodies and our spirit especially when the motive is ego and not the soul.

How can we balance our life at this time of year?

Do what needs to be done with an open heart and enter the quiet and the darkness with a childlike wonder. Reminding ourselves that there is a healing value in stillness and silence.

This season of Winter and Capricorn, is about kindling the fires of the Heart. Developing the skills to keep our selves warm and bright from the inside out.

Perhaps we can look at this time as the Ancients did, with a focus on meditation and spiritual initiation. We can make this time a feast of hope and anticipation. Hope and anticipation for the birth of our own Divine Inner child within our Soul.

Go inside to rededicate your “inner temple” and take responsibility for your “own inner manger."

As we open ourselves to “goodwill for all men” let us get ready to give birth to the inner child, the “S”elf in the manger of our hearts and to nurture the Divine Child within.

Capricorn is referred to as the Sign of the initiate. An initiate is “one who has passed through the darkness and found the light within.”

We all have the initiate in our psyche and in our heart. Let’s explore it and celebrate in the traditions of those who came before us.

Join us Saturday December 20th at Shine Yoga, 3330 Erie Ave, Hyde Park for our Capricorn AstroAsana, 4:30-6:30pm.

There will be 30 minutes of lecture about the qualities of this Capricorn Season, followed by a 90 minute Capricorn inspired yoga practice. The class is suitable for most yoga levels and for all astrological signs. Please join us.

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