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Astro Asana ~ Taurus Blog

The Energy of Taurus the Bull is with us from April 20- May 21 this year.

The Taurus time and energy is referred to as the “freshly plowed field of springtime, ready for the seed”.

This describes our piece of the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere currently but it also describes us at this time. The planet is ready for the seed to pop open and flower and so are we in our body, mind and heart.

When we read about Taurus the descriptors are: slow, steady and stubborn. It is an energy that is fixed and not easily pushed around. It needs time to adjust and assimilate.

I like to think about what is happening in nature right now in relation to the energy of Taurus. The seeds have cracked open. The new life in the form of sprouts and seedlings are pushing their way up and through the ground.

How much will and strength does it take to make that journey from seed to sprout. That is Taurus. It has a mission. It knows that there is something to do, so it uses it’s great sense of will and pushes forward. It gets the job done.

As we watch the Earth come to life again in Spring, we see the power of Taurus, the power of the Will. The plants focus their energy and push forward and out.

This month we can learn a lot about Taurus as we watch the incredible performance that nature is putting on for us. The path of Taurus involves strong will and strong choices. It is about pulling in it’s energy and using it to manifest what ever is it’s focus.

During this time it is important to, ask ourself, “What is it I value?” The focus of our values is where we put our energy. Where we put our energy is what we ultimately create.

Taurus is often described as the sign of money, possessions and security. It can be, if that is what we value. In our culture many think that money and possessions can provide security so it becomes the focus.

But the focused energy of Taurus can be used for a higher octave as well. Again, depending on what we value, Taurus can use its strong desire and will to discover spiritual illumination and the bliss from with in. We then can discover that our internal spiritual path can lead us to the thing we have been looking for in the external world.

Taurus is the most sensual and the most earthy of all the signs of the zodiac. It can help us to awaken our sense perception through the physical senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. The challenge is not to get stuck in the senses as a way of life but rather experience and use the senses to open us up to the experience of bliss that is part of our inner nature.

This month under the Earthy sign of Taurus can be a good time to take a fresh look at what it is we value in your life. It may help us see where our will, desire and energy are being directed.

As we plant the seeds this spring, what is it we hope to sprout and grow in our life?

Join us Saturday, April 25, 2015 at Shine Yoga Studio, 3330 erie Avenue from 5:30pm - 7:30pm for AstroAsana Taurus. We will explore the Taurus energy and what it means to each of us this month. We will hear stories of the gods and open ourselves to the earth energy of Taurus and Venus. We will also have an hour or so of Asana suitable for most levels that will interweave Taurus with moving our bodies. A perfect combination for the Earthiest of the Signs.



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