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AstroYoga ~ Leo

The big star we call the Sun will be moving into the constellation Leo tonight (July 22, 2015) at 11:30 pm. Can you feel the shift? It can be quite noticeable since we are leaving the lunar ruled sign of Cancer, that can have us feeling moody and deeply self reflective, and entering the self confident energy of Leo.

On the personality level you may find yourself standing up straighter, more energized to go out and do things and move away from self doubt. Cancer and the moon that rules it are Yin and associated with Shakti.

Leo which is ruled by the Sun is confident and outgoing. It is Yang and associated with Shiva. We in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the height of Summer. We feel the heat and the emotional outward energy that the Sun/Leo can pull out of us. On a personality level, Leo can be the “Celebrity or Movie Star Energy”- flashy, self absorbed and egotistical. On the Soul level, which every sign of the zodiac has the potential to tap into, it is about recognizing the uniqueness of the self as it is connected with the SELF.

The energies of Leo are here to help us work on our dignity, self respect, courage and integrity. Try to be honest, direct, and dependable. Watch for arrogance and egoism. The Leo energy is about knowing the self. It can easily tap into knowing that it is special, unique and a natural leader in the cosmos. But the ego confuses the mission of Leo—- we can start to think that we are not only a piece of god or divinity but that we are a God. If that is the case we leave no room for compassion for the Universe and all the rest of the masses but rather we ascend a throne and have a kingdom to rule. (So the ego thinks) The self Love that Leo is able to tap, needs to become divine compassion before the soul journey of Leo can begin. The journey is to find Compassion for our—self as an individual, then compassion for all.

The path of Leo is about helping others find their Self-confidence and pulling all confident souls together to express their uniqueness and serve each other selflessly. No man can be a true ruler until he is willing to be servant of all. The Leo gift is to bring to the world an understanding heart and show by example that we are all part of the same divine kingdom.

We all have an inner Leo we can get in touch with this month.

We can inspire and effect the conditions of those around us. With our unique sense of Leo we can invite others to be confident and move their own energy and thrive. This confidence and zest for life can burst our conscious evolution forward in a huge way. We then feel we have full and rewarding lives and are changing the energy for our generation and future travelers.

Join us this Sunday July 26, 2015, from 12:45 - 2:45pm as we explore the journey and stories of Leo at Shine Yoga, 3330 Erie Avenue, Hyde Park. This class is a combination of lecture and yoga all focused on this month’s Leo energy. The yoga part is suitable for most.

Come join us and let your inner Lion roar!

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