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Meditation Monday 7/27

Today's meditation moment finds us in high summer. If you are feeling the heat, it may be nice for you to just sit and chill for a moment. Sit by a natural water source or play some watery music to help soothe your soul today. The photos for today were taken during a creek walk at a local park. Man it felt good just to get our feet wet in the creek surrounded by mother natures calming green canopy.

Meditation Pose

Just get comfortable - breathe in fully - breathe out fully - let yourself have a moment to soften.

Meditation Mantra

"So Hum" ---- affirming "I am"..... I am here..... I am calm..... I am open...... I am is totally up to you.

You can coordinate the mantra with your breath to help you learn to focus your mind over an extended period of time to encourage a deeper inner connection and feeling of calm. You might breathe in "So" and breathe out "Ham." Find a rhythm that works for you.


Jnana Mudra aka Gyan Mudra / Chin Mudra

Bringing the index finger and thumb to touch is symbolic of the individual self (index finger) merging/joining/yoga-ing with the universal self (thumb.) This mudra can be used during seated meditation as well as during asana practice to remind you that the divine nature that lives in your heart is also in all beings. Practitioners may place the hands palm face down for a more calming effect --- or turned upward to open to a greater energy flow.


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