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Meditation Monday - Siddhasana

So far our Meditation Monday series has focused on Mudra and Mantra Meditation Techniques. Today's hand placement may or may not have a particular history but is personally symbolic for me. Placing hands on heart and belly can be very soothing as well as deeply meaningful. Asana practice often focuses on physical body alignment. A complete yoga practice will also help us learn to create inner alignment. By remembering to act in alignment with our gut human nature, spiritual heart, heart, and higher mind we may experience greater personal fulfillment and harmonious living.

Today's seated meditation pose is called Siddhasana. I am showing two variations here. Crossing your ankles in front of each other will allow you to settle into your seat and open your hips more fully. If your knees lift high, you can place yoga props under them for support. As your hips open you may also be able to cross one ankle over and tuck the foot over and in between the opposite shin and thigh for the classic pose. In Sanskrit Siddha means accomplished or an adept, one who has achieved spiritual realization and supernatural power. Siddhasana is mentioned in the Hatha Yoga text The Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā as one of the four most powerful sitting poses suited for meditation.

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