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Mala + Mantra ~ Meditation Monday

For today's #MeditationMonday moment, I'd like to introduce the mala. A mala is a "garland" of beads used for the repetition of mantra to help focus the mind and clear energetic blocks to allow for a greater state of inner harmony. A traditional mala will have 108 beads (108 is a sacred number). I am in love with my new wrist mala created by Jeanne Verger. This petite beauty has 27 beads that you can use for a shorter chant/meditation session or repeat it 4 times for the classic 108 rounds. I like to wear my mala throughout the day as a reminder of the intentions I set as I chant/meditate.

The options for what mantra to use are unlimited! You can use a one word chant or choose longer versions that perhaps hold a little more meaning and purpose for you. If you are uncomfortable with the Sanskrit, there's nothing to say you can't choose a word or phrase from the English language that helps you focus your mind and center in your heart.

Ram Das has an excellent article on how to chant with a mala...

I am setting the tone for this new mala with the Moola Mantra. Though this mantra feels a little bit like a tongue twister for me, I appreciate it's focus on the coming together of oposing and complementary aspects of life. I love this descriptive line of the chant from the Oneness organization. Find an artice on the Moola Mantra below. "It is a prayer that adores the great creator and liberator (in both feminie and masculine form), who out of love and compassion manifests, to protect us, in an earthly form."

Basic Moola Mantra:


Sat Chit Ananda




Sri Bhagavathi


Sri Bhagavathe


Deva Premal sings an absolute gorgeous version of the Moola Mantra. You can find it on YouTube:

Click here for a web article about the Moola Mantra:

Gratitude to Jeanne Verger for making such a special meditation/prayer tool. I was also blown away by all the little extras she sent. The beautiful and well-made Mala came in a cute bag printed with the words, "Magnify Your Power." The thank you for the order card she sent held those magical words for me: Shine On! and held an affirmation card - unique to each order. I thought mine was just perfect.

Namaste, ~kate

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