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Learning Packet April 9th

Hi everyone. Hope you are doing ok today. Before another word comes out of my fingers, please remember that we are, for the time being, moving at your own pace. This email should not bring any feelings of pressure. I send it with love and compassion for whatever you are moving with and through right now. And hope that my notes and check-ins and prompts to keep moving forward with this work at the pact that works for you feels like a touch of grace for what for many feels like turbulent times. I send them as a reminder that we are all capable of meeting and moving through our challenges knowing that it is the challengers that give us greater insight into the broad dimensions of life... and that in working through them... we become wiser, stronger, and softer in a multiplicity of ways.

  • I realized I was ahead of you in the reading. Instead of the breath work video (for now), I have created a reading worksheet.Please complete and return the awmm ws 4_9 that I am giving you several ways to access and return. Please see my note below about accessing and returning the worksheet. 

  • This worksheet replaces what would have been our group discussions. I've pulled out some quotes that I feel are especially important and that resonate with "my style" of teaching and teacher training. 

  • There are also questions for you to contemplate and answer. 

  • Once you've finished and returned the packet you should read on through chapters 5 & 6 in the Heart of Yoga. 

  • We'll return to The Path of Yoga in a little while.

  • I would like to schedule zoom chats to disucss your worksheets after you've completed them. Can you please let me know how you feel about the zoom meeting regarding the several small or single large group? I'm thinking about splitting you in half rather than thirds for the the next call but I'd like your honest feedback first and will make my decision based on what seems most resonate for the whole group. 

I am creating these quizzes in Word and in GoogleDocs as well as sending the pdf only in case you need it that way.

  •  You should be able to access this *shared* document from the url (website address) posted below and also "pinned" on the blog at which you can access on the awmm tab and use password awmm2020 where you can also leave comments and feedback about the zoom meeting if you like or to chat with each other a bit. (Congrats you found it!!!) If you use the google doc, you will need to rename it up in the top left corner so that you don't write over each other's answers. 

  • You can alternatively open the word document which may give you the option to open in google docs as your own file. I will still request you add your name to the title so I can keep them all straight. Word document & pdf are attached to most recent email.

  • You can open the word document in word and send me back a word document. 

  • You can print out the pdf and return your answers. My preference is that you type them so I can easily reply either in word, google, or simply write your answers in the body of an email just as I'm doing here. 

ok - I think that covers us for now. Let me know if you have inquiries.  The link for the google doc is:

Here's a new graphic I made to show you how I tend to build my classes. We'll go over this in more detail later in the course. I just wanted to offer it along side the class planning section in The Heart of Yoga so that you can keep in mind that — there are always many ways to do a thing well.

Take care everyone. Please let me know how you feel about the size of the zoom calls. And make sure you don't miss the note about our next reading assignment posted in this learning packet. As you finish up the packet, you can read on to chat. 5 & 6 in the Heart of Yoga.

Take care. Be well. Shine on!


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