Shine Yoga Center Facilitators & Teachers
Kate Noble
Director / Instructor ~ eRYT 500, P-RYT, C-RYT, YACEP, ACE PT & Health / Wellness / Lifestyle Coach

“Yoga has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. This practice has transformed me...body, mind, heart and soul. It has bought tremendous healing and joy into my life. I teach to share it's blessings.”

Kate has been teaching movement-based and leading holistic wellness programs for over 25 years. Kate blends her extensive study of Yoga and Functional Fitness Coaching with a passion to nurture and empower the students whom she is blessed to share time. Kate is an eRYT 500 Yoga Teacher and has additional certifications in Pre-Natal and Children's Yoga as well as an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. Kate leads public classes, our teacher training program, and private sessions as well as is the owner/director of Shine Yoga Center and Flourish Unlimited - Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching.



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Jo Griffith
Office Administrator / Instructor ~ eRYT 500, YACEP

“Let's move, explore, and breathe”

Jo is registered with the Yoga Alliance eRYT 500, I have been practicing yoga since 2000, teaching yoga since 2003, and have taught a minimum of 4 classes a week since 2006. I have explored many styles of yoga including Anusara, Ashtanga-vinyasa, Vinyasa and Jivamukti among others and have been blessed with a wide variety of marvelous teachers on and off the mat. Curious about what connects us to our deepest self, each other, and the universe in which we inhabit; Jo graduated with a degree in anthropology in 1998 and believes yoga is a wonderful medium to explore these ideas.

And Also Currently Teaching at Shine....

Wendy Andersen
Instructor ~ eRYT 500

Wendy Andersen has been practicing alignment based yoga since 1995, and is the founder and original owner of Shine Yoga Center. In 2002, Wendy left her career as a corporate litigation lawyer to open Shine and teach yoga full time. Ten years later in 2012, she transferred the business of Shine to Kate Noble, choosig to devote more time and energy to her family and home life. Wendy focuses on postural awareness and encourages physical and energetic alignent in her teaching. Wendy is happy to continue to teach at this amazing place, and to see the legacy of Shine live on here in Cincinnati.  

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Annie Bolling
Instructor ~ RYT 200

Annie Bolling, owner of CLEAR, has had a life-long enthusiasm for exercise and is passionate about fitness, physical and spiritual wellness and psychosomatic balance.  Annie began practicing yoga in 1999. In 2006 she received her first certification in Pilates and in April 2016 she also completed a 200 hour-Teacher Training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. This Teacher Training allowed Annie to expand her foundational knowledge of alignment, anatomy, and of universal yogic philosophy.  Annie helps her students find balance through meditation, yoga, and a mixture of movement practices and techniques.   

Felicia Hueber
Instructor ~ RYT 200

Felicia began studying and practicing hatha yoga in the mid 70's with Lilias Folan. Through her years as a young mother, she studied nutrition, meditation, and horticulture while raising three boys. During that time, her practice centered around John Friend's Anusara based philosophy, primarily at the Cincinnati Yoga School. After a move to the Philadelphia area in 2005, Felicia obtained yoga teacher training through the Yoga Fit program levels 1 and 2. She began teaching in the Philadelphia area in 2006. Recently, Felicia completed the Shine Yoga Teacher Training 200 hr program under Kate Noble. She is also a licensed massage therapist. It is her great honor to guide students in this life changing practice. 

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Alodie Loney
Instructor - 200 RYT Baptiste Institute
300 RYT Shine Yoga Center, P-RYT Shine Yoga Center

Alodie has been practicing yoga since 2002, when her in-laws gifted her a four week intro to yoga series, and was drawn in after experiencing how the focus required by the physical asana practice brought greater awareness to the body, and the focus on the breath was greatly calming to the nervous system.  She was struck by how effective a tool yoga was in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety, especially when a meditation practice is added to the asana and breathwork.

Alodie likes to make her classes accessible to all levels, while also providing options for more advanced students that are looking to push their edge.  Prop use is greatly encouraged in all of her classes, as support and as a means to find greater spaciousness in postures.

David Martin
Instructor ~ 200 hr

David Martin has enjoyed a great love affair with yoga since 1993.  First, he loved it for the challenge, then the bliss he experienced.  Then it was because his chronic back and shoulder pain faded away.  He almost broke up with yoga because of injuries he experienced when he started pushing himself into poses with poor alignment then fell back in love when he found the alignment-based, heart inspired yoga at Shine.  As he’s aged, he's loved it for the vitality he feels and the community of dedicated hearts he meets in practice. He loves teaching yoga because the students always remind him of the greatness in all of us. 

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Tania Moussa
Instructor ~ 200 hr / taking 300 hr

Tania has been a yoga practitioner for 18+ years.  Wanting to better understand the mystery of yoga, she enrolled in her first teacher training program in 2012 and then another in 2016.  What followed was an even deeper relationship with its beauty, subtle power, and transformational possibility.  While yoga is primarily thought of as a physical exercise, it  offers so much more:  it gives us ways to cultivate physical and emotional awareness, it teaches us to become better breathers, it offers timeless teachings that may provide a framework to lead us to a more peaceful and happier life.  She believes the most beautiful aspect is the community it can create.  

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Meghan Murray
Instructor ~RYT 300

Meghan is passionate about helping people do the inner work to raise their consciousness.  Meghan started practicing yoga in 2005 and was amazed at how much yoga did for her physical and mental wellness, bringing her a sense of peace and alignment that she wanted to share with others.  After several encouraging nudges from her yoga teachers, Meghan decided to finally pursue teacher training and completed her 300 RYT training in 2018 at Shine.  Meghan has learned so much from both teachers and students at Shine and is excited for the opportunity to give back to the Shine community through teaching yoga and the occasional CliftonStrengths workshop offered through her business Elemental Empowerment, LLC.  Meghan focuses on creating a welcoming and inclusive space for both beginner and advanced students, includes meditation and intentional alignment cues, and teaches a mix of both vinyasa and hatha yoga.  Her goal is that you leave her classes feeling more open, at peace, and in tune with your inner voice.

Liz Stern
Instructor ~  500 hrs

Liz is a seasoned yoga instructor, having taught full time for nearly 7 years, with thousands of hours of teaching time (at this point, she’s lost count!). Combining formal teacher trainings, weekend intensives, and additional format/methodology trainings, Liz has completed over 500 hours of formal yoga education (and has also recently completed Pilates Reformer training, adding a new methodology to her teaching repertoire). She has led numerous teacher trainings, countless intensives and workshops, and previously co-managed a high volume Chicago yoga studio. 


Her passion lies in the physical body, it’s intricacies, and the way we can connect with, grow into, and learn about ourselves through movement and breath. Teaching with a biomechanical focus, her goal is to empower students with the knowledge and tools to confidently approach their practice with grace, patience, and embodied self-awareness. In Liz’s classes, you will learn about how your body moves, why we do the things we do on our mats, and be offered new perspectives through which to approach your postures and your practice. 

Erin Trentel
Instructor ~ RYT 500

Erin Trentel E-RYT200/ RYT500 (YACEP), is an alignment trained yoga teacher, registered through Yoga Alliance.  Erin’s love of movement, and foundation in Anusara yoga, inspire her alignment-focused vinyasa flow classes. With Erin you will connect to your breath, flow with mindfulness, and be encouraged to turn-in to your own unique experience on the mat.

Annie Weisbrod
Instructor ~ eRYT 500, YACEP, ACE Fitness Trainer & Health / Wellness Coach, Reiki & Sekhem-Seichem-Reiki Master Teacher

Dr. Annie Weisbrod first tried yoga in college to relieve back pain, long term injuries from athletics, and stress. It worked. After 25 years of learning and teaching multiple movement practices, she loves teaching ‘Embodied Yoga’ at Shine. This approach includes all the stretching and strength poses one would do in other yoga classes, but the focus on safe alignment, moving slowly and attentively, philosophy, and exploring the prana (qi, sekhem, energy) system of the body is unique. In addition to her extensive fitness training background, Annie is Abbot Emeritus of the Cincinnati Zen Center, studying extensively with Zen Master Dae Gak and authorized to teach meditation. She also continues to study intuitive energy healing and coaching, working with clients to develop healthy lifestyles. She prefers to teach mixed classes with both beginners and advanced practitioners to discover new ways to move, breathe, concentrate, and energy awareness and intuition.


Subs and Guest Teachers 

Patsy Baughn
Instructor ~ CYT 200

Patsy Baughn, Authorized and Certified Integrative Quantum Medicine™ Teacher and Healer, has dedicated her life to the study of energy, healing, and yoga since 1998. She studied IQM energy healing and yoga in the Anusara style for six years in Los Angeles before returning to her home state of Ohio to be near family and long-time friends. Patsy has specialized in providing basic yoga classes that are accessible to people of all ages and abilities as well as prenatal classes. 


"The Boyz" Rob Dorgan & Steve Bolia
Instructor ~ 200 hrs teacher training 

Rob Dorgan and Steve Bolia are nationally certified massage therapist, yoga instructors and meditation teachers. They are part of Sianna Sherman’s Earth Tribe Faculty. Both have been studying yoga for over 20 years (Ashtanga, Anusara, Alignment).  Rob and Steve are also avid students and teachers of Astrology and offer ‘Soul Purpose’ Astrological Sessions to those who are seeking a greater purpose in their lives.  “We believe that our Soul chooses the date, time and place of our birth so as to expand, grow and learn.  Through the study of your Astrological Chart, or as we call it, ‘Your Personal Mandela’,  you can better understand the energies that are being presented to you.”

Diane Huang
Kid's Yoga Instructor

"Diane has been working with children since 2005 as a school intervention specialist, a nanny, and a mom. The past couple of years she developed a love of yoga to help bring her balance and peace, during the crazy days of being home with two young boys.  Practicing yoga quickly became a family affair. She watched her boys explore movement in a fun way and gain confidence. Diane decided to pursue training through Childlight yoga to gain more knowledge and strategies to provide children with the amazing experience of practicing yoga. Yoga provides children with an opportunity to practice breathing, movement, meditation and affirmations to promote adaptability, self-esteem, courage, a healthy body and a calm and confident mind.

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Jennifer Lawson
Instructor OTR, MS, eRYT 200

As is the case for many yoga teachers, Jen discovered the practice of yoga during a complicated, challenging and sad time in her personal life. After many years of being physically active by running and lifting weights, discovering yoga felt like finally 'coming home' to something that was deeply needed and had been missing. 

Jen owned a yoga studio in Dallas TX for several years with a focus on the power of connection and community. As a teacher, she strives to create a container for all to experiment with moving through stuck places, whether they may be physical, mental, emotional, relational or spiritual. As an Occupational Therapist, Jen has had the opportunity to support children with unique needs and their families for 20+ years. 

Lauren Lictenstein
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Suzie Nagy
Instructor ~ E-RYT 200

Suzie is driven daily by her curiosity and a desire to make peace, ease, and a light heart accessible to everyone. Her yoga classes reflect this. A yoga practice has been an integral part of her life, bringing mental calm and clarity, helping her manage chronic anxiety, and relieving chronic pain from a connective tissue disorder (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). She has trained in the following types of yoga: Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (Restorative yoga therapy, reiki, essential oil therapy, nutrition, and contemplative care), Prenatal, and Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy. She is also a True Body Project Leader, locally and internationally, where she teaches classes on mind-body connection primarily to young girls and women through movement (such as yoga and dance), pranayama breath work, writing, play, and art. Suzie is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and offerings for those pregnant clients by completing her doula training in Summer 2019.

Lakshmi Prasad
Instructor ~ RYT 200

Yoga, for me, has been a coming home to myself. The practice of yoga - the integration of mindful movement and breath - has consistently inspired clarity, calm and centeredness. I aspire to share my love for this wise practice by introducing core poses and principles to those who are new to yoga in a simple and accessible way. I received my RYT200 from Shine Yoga.


"Patricia is a nationally certified Yoga teacher, with a focus on maintaining health and functional alignment. Her own personal practice, since 1996, has supported her through many life changes. Patricia's love of yoga stems from the firm belief that yoga can be an easy tool accessible to all and  can transform ones life for the better.  This belief arises from from her own experience of how yoga has helped her to live pain free, connected and confident. 


Patricia’s in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology supports her intuitive grasp of the individual’s body, alignment, and energy, allowing her to offer deeply effective adjustments and instruction. 

Each student is met where they are, while Patricia holds a vision of their goal, and guiding them with grace, humor and an open heart. 


The main focus of Patricia’s yoga is to assure that each student is developing a conscious awareness of mind, body, energy and breath. This is done through clear and concise instruction on alignment, hands-on adjustments, and encouraging, non-judgmental commentary to support the student’s spiritual engagement.  


Patricia Sheerin
Instructor ~ RYT 200
Brenda Villa
Energetics Master & Yoga Instructor  

Brenda Villa, renowned holistic healer, spiritual guide and coach, will help you to tap into your own personal power and revitalize your life. Her powerful and playful connection with Spirit helps clients connect with their spirit guides and loved ones who have passed on, and to find a more ease-filled path in life. Brenda combines many different paths of wisdom and grounds them in pragmatic insights, making spiritual insights accessible, so you can transform your everyday life. One experience with Brenda and you will discover why creative professionals, senior corporate executives, leading members of the yoga community, and people just like you seek her guidance, wisdom, and coaching. Courses of study: executive coach, hypnotherapy, enneagram, numerology, tarot, meditation, crystals, essential oils, matrix energetics, cranial-sacral, healing touch, reiki and yoga.