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Winter Solstice Celebration 

December 21, 2022 



Winter Solstice Celebration with Sianna Sherman & Masood Ali Khan 


Winter Solstice is a moment of profound mystery. In the darkest night of the year, there is the mystical rebirth of the light. This festival is a sacred threshold where the portal opens and the Sun of the Heart is reborn into the world. We are called to renew and transform ourselves from the embrace of darkness into the flame of love. 


Yoga is a ritual of the heart, mind, body and soul. Sianna will guide you in a yoga ritual practice to connect you with your vision, transformation, healing and wisdom. Masood will offer sonic alchemy with the hand pan and mantras. 


Come celebrate the Rebirth of Light with the Shine Community. 


All Are Welcome. 

Please bring a tea light and candleholder. 


Sianna Sherman (bio) 


Sianna (she/her) is an international yoga and meditation teacher, storyteller and shadow work guide committed to being Love-In-Action. For three decades, she has been training tens of thousands of students and yoga teachers from around the globe. As the visionary of the Rasa Yoga Collective, Mythic Yoga Flow®, and RITUAL, Sianna shares her voice in the way of community and collaboration. She is a gifted storyteller and awakens the imagination through the language of the soul.


She is dedicated to social justice activism, anti-racism, mantra, ritual, emotional intelligence, earth magic, Tantric yoga philosophy, and Celtic studies. Sianna brings a genuine presence to every offering with humility, devotion, and deep care for the collective. She leads certified Yoga Alliance - Rasa Yoga teacher trainings, the Mythic Yoga Flow® master course, and a 13 Moon Mystery School. She is a featured contributor to magazines, podcasts, and summits around the world. 




Masood Ali Khan (bio) 


Masood (he/him) is one fo the pioneers of singing mantras with the hand pan. He is a musician of prayer and a believer of love for the Earth and humanity. Masood offers a unique, musical performance as prayer, holding a ceremonial space with “Music as Medicine” for a meditative, uplifting experience. His music is a mesmerizing combination of the hand pans with sacred mantras, infused with the power of the heart and the mind’s healing potential to help humanity. 








Pronouns (she/her/hers)

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