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All of Shine's Classes are offered and designed to support each student as an individual in a group setting. Your health, well-being, and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us and we try to keep a schedule that feels like we truly offer something for everyone. In teaching this way -- where we try to offer modifications and adaptations to postures, vinyasas, and exercises within the framework of the class -- it can be hard to categorize our classes. We hope that most students feel welcome in most classes. We do know that students have different goals and reasons for taking part in yoga practice. It helps to know that your intentions and your teacher's intention for class will be close in alignment. For that reason we've updated our class categories to help you have a better feel for both the energetic tone of the class and the physical fitness challenge.

Tone of Practice

You will now found a "tone" label in many of our class descriptions. Because all of our classes are holistic in nature, you will likely always find a little of all three qualities in each class but this will let you know whether the teacher's main objective is to calm & relax you, to help you find balance between strength & surrender, or wants to help inspire & challenge you to increase your physical capacity in the realm of strength, flexibility, adaptability, etc. 

Nurturing: These classes are primarily focused on helping you relax and/or to be in a meditative space. Depending on the physical challenge level (see below), you may be relaxing on the floor -- but you might also be moving through a gentle & trance-y flow, or working on more active constructive exercises that will help you move through the healing process from injury or discomfort. This description is about the feel of the class and in these classes, we hope you feel called to chill, relax, and/or heal. 


Balancing: Balancing classes are just what they sound like. Holistic in nature, focus in these classes is on making sure that you feel like the energy is balanced around activity & relaxation. These classes will generally move at a moderate pace. Variations and modifications for postures & exercises are generally offered to help you find the balance between effort and ease / strength & flexibility / comfort & challenge that is just right for you. 


Empowering: These classes are likely to have some focus on some type of physical gain. Students will be encouraged and challenged to to work on exploring & expanding their capacity in form, function, and perhaps their understanding & application of yoga philosophy in practice. These classes will likely best serve students who want a little bit of challenge in their asana practice. 


**** Ideally all Shine classes have an aspect of all three of these qualities. We just want to be able to better help students find the classes and teachers that match their personal hopes & goals for practice.


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Physical Challenge Levels:


0 - Minimal Movement - very little or no movement, the focus is on relaxation, restoration, and/or meditation.


1 - Easy/Gentle Movement - focus in on Functional Restoration and Therapeutic type movement. Students should be able to stand for class and be able to get up and down off the ground several times throughout the class.


2 - Moderate Movement - Being functionally fit means that you are able to move through your day with a good amount of balance, ease, and comfort. These classes will take you through posture and movement flows that will help you progressively build basic core strength, balance, and joint mobility. You're likely to flow through a few mindful sun salutations, to work on postures that help you build core & upper body strength, and will move through postures that will help you improve balance and coordination. 


3 - Fitness/Athletic Movement - These classes are designed to challenge you in a progressive way. Students who want to build the elements of physical fitness & athleticism are invited to these classes. Shine's classes are progressively sequenced which means that we start out fairly gently to help everyone find a healthy and comfortable baseline from which to progress --- and then when needed to keep the body healthy & happy -- invited to regress too. Variations and options are offered throughout our classes to help everyone take the absolute best care of their bodies, hearts, and minds throughout the class. Level 3 classes will help you build: focus, balance, strength, endurance, flexibility & adaptability in a mindful, supportive, and inspiring way.

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