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300 > 500 ryt Teacher Training & Yoga Student Lifestyle Immersion Course

This course is designed to help root you into your heart and create a yoga practice & lifestyle that will fully support the intentions of your heart as well as help you develop powerful teaching & coaching skills so  that you can most graciously spread the love as a yoga teacher!


Applications are now available!

Click the link above to download and please return to Shine in person at the studio, by email to, or by mail.... 3330 Erie Ave. Suite 15, Cincinnati OH 45208

You may also send an email titled "RYT 300" to for questions or concerns. You can also click the newsletter links to be added to our Teacher Training / Immersion specific newsletter to stay up to date on developing news.

Once your application has been approved and you have had a welcome meeting with a training facilitator, you will be given instructions on how to make your payments.


Once you've downloaded and completed your application, please return your application in-person in the studio, by email, or by mail to:

Shine Yoga Center

3330 Erie Avenue, Suite 15

Cincinnati, OH 45208

Our next open house is

Saturday, December 14th

from 2 - 3:30 at Shine Yoga.

You are welcome to meet your lead trainer, ask questions, and use this as your required in-person meeting for application approval.

Course Objectives

Kate Noble is the lead trainer for our 2020 300/500 expanded course and will be accompanied by other guest teachers* throughout this training to help open the field of Yoga, Wellness, and Teaching to our trainees. Dependent on the size of our group, we will have enough instructors at every session so that you always feel fully seen and supported. The unwritten theme of our Foundational 200 HR Training always seemed to be, "this is just the tip of the iceburg." With the 300/500 hour training "it is time to dive in deep and swim out far." It's going to be a grand adventure. We can't wait to enjoy your company in this joyful journey of personal growth and transformation via the study of the ancient teachings of yoga and their modern adaptations. Sharing from a place of authenticity you will also be able to guide others to a state of comfort, freedom, and empowerment through the practice of Yoga.

Curriculum Courses 

The specifics of the training are evolving based on insight from the previous program as well as honoring updated guidelines from yoga alliance. This list will give you an idea of what you can look forward to learning and exploring with us!

Ancient Wisdom ~ Modern Mojo

300 Hour Teacher Training Courses and Yoga Lifestyle Development Course

EVERY weekend module will include some aspect of:

• meditation & mindfulness techniques

• study of anatomy, energetics, yoga philosophy & applications for "living the practices"

• asana study & practice in a wide range of "yoga styles"

• development of teaching & coaching skills

• exercises for personal discovery & growth as well as community building

• the cultivation of personal practices for health, well-being, and expanded consciousness

Included Throughout the Course We Will Explore The Following Objectives:

What’s Your Mojo? (Teaching Methodology)

– creating a heart vision to guide your Yoga Teaching Evolution


Ancient Wisdom - Different Lenses – Different Perspectives

(Philosophy & Yoga History)

A comparative analysis of dual and non-dual philosophy will help teachers understand from which viewpoint yogic literature is written in order to better assimilate the material. Knowing from which viewpoint literature is written and teachings are offered can help teachers be more clear with the information they share with their students and how best to apply the teachings to an individuals own particular spiritual practices.

- History Review, Study of Yogic Texts & Teachings, Philosophy Discussions 


Embodying Your Personal Yogic Vision for Personal Well-being and Vocational Effectiveness (Yoga Lifestyle & Practice)

Tapping into the divine source of inner wisdom & creativity. Bolstering your home meditation & asana practices in order to maintain personal well-being, to cultivate clarity and inner balance, and tap into the light of inner awareness that will support your lifestyle and vocation as yoga teacher. Application of the 8 limbs of classical yoga, developing clarity and confidence of your heart vision, application of ayurvedic principles to your individual yogic practices and everyday lifestyle.  


Functional Anatomy & Application of Functional Anatomy to Asana & Vinyasa (Anatomy, Methodology & Practice)

Teachers will learn and apply the basics of functional anatomy and alignment to asana & vinyasa. Trainees will learn how to use asana to cultivate a healthy dynamic balance of stability and mobility through the kinetic chain that will promote health and freedom for their students. Specifically we will explore: proper joint alignment, proper musculo-skeletal balance around the major joints, how the muscles move the joints and how connective tissue creates stability. Trainees will learn to properly apply stability  & mobility exercises to encourage optimal dynamic balance in the human kinetic chain. We will also touch on myo-fascial trains and neuromuscular activation and relaxation.


Asana Variations for Your Mixed-level Classes (Practice)

Trainees will explore a wide variety of the most common yoga postures in order to create classes that feel custom-fit for each particular student even in  open and mixed-level public classes. WE will explore the full range of gentle to advanced options of many common yoga postures.


Application of Functional Anatomy & Alignment to Intermediate & Advanced Postures* (Methodolgy & Practice)

*Trainees do not need to practice these postures in order to be able to guide more posturally advanced students in to them.


Yoga for Special Populations (Methodology & Practice)

Trainees will learn the basics of the following "specialties" and will learn to create helpful themes, conscienscious sequences, and practice appropriate assists & cues for the following special classes: Gentle Yoga, Restorative, Yin, Senior / Chair, PreNatal, Kids, Injury Prevention & supporting students who are rehabbing injury, Advanced postures.


Teaching Private Sessions (Practice)

Using posture evaluations to discern a students current state of musculo-skeletal balance in order to inform the application of yoga training. Create custom programs based on clients needs and goals. 


Refine Teaching Skills

Class planning, intention setting, creating & holding sanctuary, making clear & supportive connections with your students, using boundaries to protect the sanctity of personal practice in a communal space, observations, effective cueing, giving positive feedback, demonstrations, assisting as is helpful, balancing the energy of individuals practicing in a communal environment, creating balanced classes that nurture the body, calm the mind, and empower spirit. 


Active Listening for Public Classes & Private Sessions (Methodology)

Learn to see where you can do the greatest good and with sensitivity share your passion & knowledge from a place of receptivity and service.


Adjustments: Verbal Cues & Manual Assists (Practice)

We will learn and practice a wide variety of cues and assists to support a wide range of students.


Creating Inspiring & Empowering Classes with Meaningful Themes and Creative Sequences (Practice)


Infusing the Deeper Dimensions of Yoga with Themes

Incorporate readings & teachings from the ancient texts in a format that feels modern and accesible to today's practitioner.


Weaving Yoga philosophy into your asana classes…. Myth, mantra & mudra.


Building Your Yoga Philosophy Vocabulary with Scriptural Analytics (Philosophy)


Yoga & Ayurveda 

Learn to apply ayurvedic principles of cultivating doshic balance to both asana classes and personal lifestyle choices.


The Energy Body

Deepen your understanding and experience of the energy body and learn to incorporate subtle energy body work in to your modern asana classes. Chakras & More, Clear & supportive energetic boundaries & connections.


Sharing Your Message and Skills

Finding your tribe and sharing your vision – marketing and promotions that empower you, your work, and your ability to comfort & uplift others. Executive Coaching.


Business & Ethics for Yoga Teachers - Sharing Your Message and Skills

Find your tribe and confidently share your vision for yoga practice.

Marketing and promotions that empower you, your work, and your ability to comfort & uplift others. Executive Coaching.

Ethics via YA Code of Conduct

Cultivate vocational Longevity, Sustain the Student Within, Continue to Grow as Teacher.

Develop your specialties: special populations, privates, retreats, corporate, volunteer, etc.

Confidence in Seat of the Teacher - Create sanctuary, lead ceremony, support community.


Cultivating a Yogic Lifestyle that empowers you and inspires yoga in your world.

Apply the teachings of the masters - Practical application of the 8 limbs of Yoga, Ayurveda & Modern Science of Health & Happiness to achieve Living Samadhi.



Yoga as service: service project. Teacher Practicum - practice all teaching skills in class / private session format. 




Click above to sign up for our 300/500 ryt Newsletter. You will receive updates and notices by email! If you are already on our Shine email list, you can update your email notifications and add yourself to the 300/500 TT list for specific news.

Schedule & Cost

Yoga Alliance requires 270 contact hours and 30 non-contact hours for the 300/500 ryt designations plus a 6-10 hour teaching practicum after training. 


Kate Noble is the lead trainer for the 2020 program and will be supported by a great team of assistants and guest teachers. We hope to do our best to follow the schedule listed below. It is possible that there at times may need to be some rescheduling due to inclement weather and teacher conflicts. We will do our very best to accommodate all students to get the time you need to fulfill the Yoga Alliance requirements.


Unless otherwise noted our weekend sessions will incorporate the following schedule:

Fridays 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Saturdays 10:00 - 7:00

Sundays 9:15 - 4:15



$500 non-refundable deposit is due to save your spot*. We will be working with a minimum of 6 participants and a max of 12-14. If course is cancelled due to low enrollment, your deposit will be refunded. Cost of training includes 5 free classes at Shine per month. 


Early Bird Pricing

offered until 12/20/19.

$500 deposit + $3330 = $3850

Pay In Full at Program Start

$500 deposit + $3650 = $4150

Monthly Payment Plan: 

$500 deposit + 10 monthly payments of $400 for a total of $4500


Training Dates....


We start with a short weekend February 7 - 9.

Fri.  6-9 pm

Sat. 2-6 pm

Sun 9:15 - 4:15 pm

Following our short weekend, 
our regular weekend sessions
will be scheduled: 

Fridays 6 -9 pm

Saturdays 10 - 7

Sundays  9:15 - 4:15

Feb 7-9 short weekend*

* Sunday Feb  23 9:15 - 4:15

March 6-8 

March 20 - 22

April 3 - 5** (K needs coverage for 4/5) 

April 17 — 19 

May 8 & 9 (no class on Mother’s Day) 

*Sunday May 17th 9:15 - 4:15

May 29-31

June 5-7 

June 26-28 

July 10-12 

Aug 7-9

Sept 11-13 

Sept 25-27 

Oct 9-11 

Oct 22-24 

Nov 6 - 8 

Nov 20-22

graduation celebration TBD


Trainees must also complete a 6-hour practicum and 30 hours home study before certificate may be granted. Trainees have 6 months to complete this.


Along with our Training / Mentorship program we are offering a Student Immersion. Students who wish to expand their study of yoga but who do not wish to earn a teaching certificate will be invited to join us for this program. 


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