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Seasonal Re-Set Mini-Retreat Weekend

a note from Kate about the mini-retreat.


I’ve come to enjoy offering these seasonal re-set mini-retreats. The point is to make some special and sacred time for yourself to center, re-calibrate, and re-set personal intentions for the coming season.


I’m offering several classes which you can take individually or combine for a nourishing and balancing full day event. Scroll down for full descriptions of each session. 

The three sessions include:

Friday, April 12th 6 - 7:30

> Playful Oracle/Tarot & Contemplation Session


Saturday, April 13th

> 10 - 11:30  - Special Mixed Level Spring Reset Yoga

> noon - 1 - Yoga Nidra for Spring Intention Setting

Spring Re-Set Mini Retreat 

The following special class sessions are offered as regular classes on our mind-body scheduler as regular class prices.  If you would like to participate in all three sessions, sign up for the Seasonal Re-Set Mini Retreat WORKSHOP to save a few dollars.

Click here to sign up for full day workshop. 

To Sign Up For Single Sessions: Click the big red "sign up" button above. 

Session 1: Seasonal Oracle/Tarot Session

Friday, April 12th 6 - 7:30

This playful class is designed to help you sharpen your intuition, ignite your imagination, and help you connect more fully to the light of your own inner wisdom. Kate will introduce basic oracle/tarot card principles and present a special card spread that she’s created to be used to tap into the energy of the season.

Class format includes: centering and personal intention setting, introduction to the use of oracle/tarot cards to tap into inner wisdom, personal card draws, support in reading your card spread if needed, and closing meditation and/or relaxation to help integrate the insights.


If you have your own cards, please bring them. If you need cards, we will have some for you to use.

Session 2: Special Mixed Level Spring Reset Yoga Practice

Saturday, April 13th 10 - 11:30

In place of my regular Level 2 & 3 class, I am offering a special Mixed Level Seasonal Reset Yoga Practice Class. This class will give you the opportunity to slow down and really listen in to the messages of your body, mind, heart, and soul in order to open up an intuitive space that will allow you to tap into inner guidance, support, and calibration as we shift into fall as well as the new era of life that feels to be upon us all. 

Class format includes: meditative opening, breath-work, gentle warm-up, mindful sun salutation variations, static postural alignment & energetic balance work, yummy floor stretches, and deep relaxation.  While there will be some gentle flow, it will be offered with options for people to take it slower/easier as needed. The class is meant to be a moving meditation in order to get in better touch with what I'm calling our embodied "celestial" bodies in order to recalibrate our systems to support healthy, harmonious, and happy daily living. 

Session 3: Yoga Nidra

Saturday, April 13th noon - 1

Yoga Nidra is a very deep relaxation that holds a clear intention to connect with the deep inner core of the heart in order to remember and strengthen the "song" of the heart. This song -or- heart vision is called a San Kalpa. More than a surface level "intention," a San Kalpa puts us in touch with what really matters most to the well-being of our heart, soul, and total being. Participants lie on the floor and are guided into a very deep relaxed state at which point the question is asked, what does your inner heart core voice want you to know at this time. That is the San Kalpa — or song of the heart. Connecting to our deepest inner wisdom is a powerful tool for purposeful and optimal living.... and the relaxation aspect is incredibly rejuvenating and healing.

*The more you practice Yoga Nidra, the quicker you can drop into a very deep and intuitive meditative state. While Yoga Nidra does take you deep into a sweet state of relaxation & restoration, the even deeper treasure is that the practice strengthens your ability to plug into a deep well of inner wisdom and insight. 

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