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Welcome to our YouTube Class Listing Page

Scroll down for current class listings and direct video links.

Our online classes on YouTube were created in 2020 and are currently offered in the spirit of reciprocity. Take what you need ~ give what you can. 

Our YouTube Channel is "Shine Yoga Collective." Please visit and subscribe! We have also created pathways for donations if you are able to help support our Yoga Shala (practice home) during this difficult time. See tabs to the right or down below.

Find below a listing with direct links and descriptions of the MANY classes we now have available online for you!

If you would like to donate at this challenging time, you can use our quick "product" links or use PayPal to donate any amount of your choice. Our handle is: (please note it is not ShineYoga). You can just click the link above to send $ through PayPal.

And about your class passes....

In weathering this weather storm, class passes can be extended if you would like when we re-open.


Take care everyone!

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Using the PayPal links is the easiest way for us to accept your donations at this time, but if you have trouble or would prefer not to use PayPal, we can charge your credit card in any amount through our MindBody processing system. If you would like to donate this way, please email us. 

Every little bit counts and we appreciate your support very much at this challenging time.

Thank you! 

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Here is a sampling of some of our YouTube classes with descriptions. Click the Virtual Guide link to access a pdf with more descriptions and links to all of our online classes. Classes are listed from newest to oldest here. You may also find classes in the category listings we have created for you.

Please feel free to share our work and classes with your friends and family. Share our videos by emailing/texting direct video links and feel free to share on social media. Share our website for donation portals for the videos. Tag us #shineyogacincinnati on instagram and @shine yoga center cincinnati on Facebook.

This category listing is posted from oldest to newest classes on our channel.

Meditation: Feeling Secure with Grounding with Annie Weisbrod

10 minute seated meditation, breath, and energy practice. 

Good for beginners and beyond. Posted April 13.


Slow and Steady Mixed Level Practice with Alodie Loney

90 minute full-spectrum yoga practice that moves you through all the basics of yoga asana (postures) with options to make it more or less challenging to fit your personal and daily needs. Includes centering, gentle warm-up, slow flow vinyasa sequences, standing poses with balance focus, seated postures to open the hips, and reclined postures to balance the practice. Posted April 12.


Yoga Core Conditioning with Kate Noble

1 hour practice made with athletes in mind. Yoga Core Conditioning class promotes balance and coordination not just throughout the body but in the body-mind. Yoga warm-up with yoga-fusion core conditioning exercises, finishes with full-body stretch, contemplation on mental awareness & focus, and relaxation. Posted April 9.


PreNatal Re-Balance & ReFresh Sequence with Kate Noble

This 40 minute practice was created specifically for the expectant mother but may also be helpful for anyone looking to enjoy an easy basic practice that focuses on balancing the major joints of the body to cultivate comfort and ease. Predominantly a standing practice, this class is designed  to help promote good circulation of blood and lymph which is gently nourishing and energizing to the body and brain. Posted 4/8.


Peak Pose Practice with Kate ~ Jai Hanuman! with Kate Noble

This hour and twenty minute practice is designed for students who are fairly comfortable and enjoy inversions, backbends, and big full body stretches. Take good care and keep the ego in check as you build skills for these expressive yoga poses. Begins and ends with short meditations and relaxation. Posted 4/8.


Mantrasana - Restorative Yoga + Live Music #2 with Annie Bolling & Audrey Causilla

1 hour. Join Annie & Audrey for this beautiful opportunity to journey within into deep presence and heart expansion. Tune into the vibrations of mantra and blissfully center and recharge!Annie will guide a deeply nourishing restorative yoga class interwoven with the healing frequencies of sacred mantra from Audrey's chants and harmonium. Feel your body, mind and heart gently unwind in the poses as you bask in the vibration of the harmonium and Audrey's voice, and be lulled into the sweet support of sound! No experience needed. Posted April 8.


Cultivating Calm with Yoga & Lifestyle 

Mini-Workshop Series with Annie Weisbrod

Posted April 5th

Class 1: Calming Down Part 1: Vagus Nerve Stimulation

10 minute talk. Background and practice tips for calming down, moving oneself out of the stress and anxiety (fight/flight) response. Learn basics of how stress and relaxation works in our nervous system, and exercises to better balance our responses to stress.


Class 2: Calming Down Part 2: Habits to Reduce Stress

12 minute talk. Background and recommended habits for calming down, reducing our stress and anxiety (fight/flight) responses. Learn basics steps for dealing with change and unexpected stress events.


Class 3: Intermediate Yoga, Calming with Vagus Nerve Focus

Easy to moderately difficult yoga poses, enabling us to become aware and stimulate our vagus nerve. This important part of our nervous system controls our rest/relax response (de-stressing).

The Works! A Big Old Dose of TLC ~ AstroLab: Cancer with Kate

Posted on 3/31 ~ Long: 1 hour AND 50 minutes (includes time stamps so you can navigate to utilize your choice of 4 sections. A slow moving and nurturing practice with significant focus on legs, hips, low-back, feet and hands.

Physical Exertion Level: low to moderate            

Complexity: moderate (to intricate in pt 3)          

Pace: slow

Cueing (align/action/breath): Throughout

Bhav (general feelings of class): Nurturing, Introspective, Clearing, Calming, Relaxing

Kids Yoga - "I am Strong" with Diane

Posted 3/31. This 30 minute class is appropriate for all ages. Flow through stretches, sun salutations, strong standing poses and end with slowing back down for a short savasana.

Physical Exertion Level: easy / moderate                         

Complexity: basic but fun!    

Pace: slow mindful                                          

Cueing (align/action/breath): throughout

Bhav (general feelings of class): centering, grounding, empowering, and fun!

Yoga with Heart Focus ~ with Annie Weisbrod

Posted on 3/3o 90 minute class includes easy to moderately difficult yoga poses while focusing the mind’s eye on feeling the heart space as a physical and emotional marker. We use focused attention meditation and deep breathing with poses to explore the anahata chakra, associated meridians, and prana/Qi/energy flow.

Physical Exertion Level: moderate                

Complexity: moderate

Pace: slow / mindful                                     

Cueing (align/action/breath): throughout

Bhav (general feelings of class): introspective, meditative, empowering

Meditation on Heart ~ with Annie Weisbrod

Posted on 3/30 12 minutes. Guided meditation with imagery to become more aware of the physical and emotional functions of the heart, and expand its opening.

Physical Exertion Level: easy                          

Complexity: basic    

Pace: seated meditation                                          

Cueing (align/action/breath): throughout

Bhav (general feelings of class): centering, introspective, meditative, calming, inspiring

Let It Go ~ Slow Gounded Flow with Kate

Posted on 3/30 50 minute class. Sequence created to unwind & release tension particularly in low body.

Physical Exertion Level: easy (as long as you are comfortable in hands & knees position                     

Complexity: basic    

Pace: slow                                          

Cueing (align/action/breath): throughout

Bhav (general feelings of class): centering, grounding, calming, stretch-y, relaxing

(mostly good for pre-natal students)

Intermediate Aha! Flow with Erin

Posted on 3/28 • 1 hour class. This intermediate flow taps into the big practice of filling up and emptying out! Taught with alignment cues and some modifications, this one will get you sweaty;) Enjoy!

Physical Exertion Level: moderate / vigorous          

Complexity: moderate     

Pace: moderate mindful                                          

Cueing (align/action/breath): throughout

Bhav (general feelings of class): centering, energizing, empowering, balancing

Self Care is Not Selfish - Basic Yoga with Becky

Posted on 3/28 • 1 hour class. Full spectrum & balanced basic yoga practice.

Physical Exertion Level: easy / moderate         

Complexity: basic     

Pace: slow mindful                                          

Cueing (align/action/breath): throughout

Bhav (general feelings of class): centering, grounding, calming, empowering, balancing

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