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Aquarius ~ AstroAsana


I have been studying astrology since the the late 1980’s when Steve and I moved to Colorado and worked with Sun Signs’s and Love Sign’s author, Linda Goodman. Even when we were studying with Linda, I always found Aquarius a bit of an enigma.

The eclectic sign of consciousness, groups, …………

What does that mean? Group consciousness?

On the mundane level Aquarius is characterized as the absent minded professor, one who has knowledge but not necessarily common sense.

It is about freedom, independence, originality, unexpected, sudden, unpredictable change. inventions, cosmic consciousness, Divine Will………

See what I mean. These descriptors are so ungrounded there is nothing for my mind to hold on to about Aquarius or Uranus, the planet that rules it.

At the same time, I must also admit, I am fascinated by the Energies it represents and have been since I started my astrological exploration.

As my yoga studies have deepened over the years I realize that Aquarius in many ways, is a symbol of the yogic path. A path where we acknowledge the individual journey we are on, the divinity we hold inside, and that everyone around us holds that same spark of divinity. The path to Truth is one but expressed in many ways.

Aquarius and Uranus represent Intuition. I always thought Intuition should be represented by the emotional element of water. But water is emotion and feelings and intuition is a higher octave of the knowledge seeking mind. Intuition is the intellect released from prejudice and experience. It is an inward knowing of what is right. (In Sanskrit-Buddhi) A knowing that is grounded in our core. When we develop a trusting relationship with our intuition, we allow our decisions to come from it and we are not afraid to trust it.

The practices of Yoga help us peel aware the levels of doubt and the need to know everything empirically and to be comfortable with our inner “knowing” and to move from our center.

Wow, right?

Aquarius is so meaningful for all of us right now. The Age of Aquarius is moving in and we can see its effects on our world.

We see the struggle between the belief that we are all individual islands in control of our destiny with the deeper knowing that we are not separate but rather, we are all connected.

Join us as we explore this incredible energy of Aquarius in our AstroAsana series, Saturday January 17, 2015, from 4:30-6:30pm at Shine Yoga,

3330 Erie Avenue, Hyde Park. (

Let’s explore the consciousness of Aquarius, where we open ourselves to serve our own soul and the souls of others with no eye for differences but acknowledging Oneness. Where we serve for the sake of service with no desire or need for reward, recognition or accolades.

I wonder if a world of true service as described above is the true meaning of Peace on Earth.

Jai!!!! ~Rob

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